Twinfant Tuesday: We Cloth Diapered our Twins and it Wasn’t Crazy

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I have a close friend who is expecting her first baby (just one!) in January so she has been picking my brain about what cloth diapers to get, what to register for and how it all works.  We cloth diapered our boys starting at about 3 weeks old until they were potty trained around age 2. We did use disposables a few times when traveling, but we estimate we bought fewer than 10 packages of disposable diapers, for twins, for 2 years. (which we almost always bought on sale with coupons or from Amazon Mom Subscribe and save.)


Whenever we would mention we intended to use cloth diapers, everyone thought we were nuts. Some flat out said it, others scoffed and suggested we  would soon see the error of our ways. We registered for 40 modern cloth diapers (the one-size, adjustable, velcro kind), hoping friends and family would help chip in for our cloth diapers the way so many shower-planning-strategy sites suggested people would shower you with disposables. Not one single person bought us one single diaper. No problem, we were committed to it, so we bought them ourselves.

Looking back on the infant phase, of all the baby stuff we received as gifts, (including hand-me-downs and purchases) our cloth diapers proved to be the most-used, most-appreciated, absolutely the most bang-for-the-buck baby item. I have written lots on the subject of cloth diapers. But with diapers in a distant rear view mirror I can say that I am absolutely glad we used cloth and would not hesitate to do it again. Sure we did more laundry, but in the scheme of how much laundry two babies generate, it was barely noticeable. It was part of our routine from the start since everything about being parents was new, so too was diaper laundry. We have had so much “essential” baby stuff that we were told we could not, should not live without, that we hardly used. We have cycled through countless thousands of toys, dozens of baby contraptions, endless feeding, bathing, maintaining supplies, but the one thing we absolutely used day in and day out was our cloth diapers. (Plus they are stink in’ adorable. I mean LOOKIT HOW CUTE!)


I won’t lie, I was a little sad when we stopped diapering and attempted to housebreak our children (which may sound barbaric, but so was potty training twin boys!) it meant my babies were no longer babies, and that constant was gone from our lives. We survived ages 0-2 with about 40 diapers, and now they have gone to another family with twin boys who are giving them a second life.


So if you are expecting, or have twin infants, consider cloth. It’s cheaper, (more cost upfront but saves a bundle long term) and you’re not throwing money into the garbage. So if you want to use cloth diapers and your family and friends think you’re insane, know that you’re not alone, but it’s not crazy at all.

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4 thoughts on “Twinfant Tuesday: We Cloth Diapered our Twins and it Wasn’t Crazy”

  1. I wish so much that we had cloth diapered. I had no idea how easy it is now. I really thought it couldn’t be done with twins and that cloth diapering was really complicated. Then, I watched my cousin’s baby after my boys were potty trained and they use cloth diapers and it was so simple and yes, so cute! I would definitely cloth diaper if given another chance.

  2. Hear, hear! We cloth diaper our two, too! We live in an apartment with a shared, coin-op washer/dryer, but we were committed to cloth. So we use a diaper service. Having 70 prefolds delivered every week is less expensive than buying disposibles (we never use them all, but it’s great to have cloth diapers on hand for spills, snot, etc). Plus we don’t have to do the laundry. The service has some of the nicest employees I’ve ever encountered. They also include compostible wipes with our order once a month, so we just pop the wipes into the diaper pail right along with the diapers. It really could not be easier, and I love knowing that we are minimizing our impact on the environment. If anyone out there is considering cloth, go for it! It’s not the diaper pins and plastic pants of our youth!

  3. I love seeing something about cloth diapering on this website as I start doing research for my littles (twins arriving in April 2016). I have a 15 month old who has been cloth diapered since birth (I think I used 1 pack of newborn pampers at the beginning and haven’t used any sposies since) and I am addicted! Honestly, the first thing I thought when I was laying in the ultrasound room finding out I had two babies in there was, “I am going to need so many more diapers! Yay!”). I won’t lie, the upfront cost sucks, however, I did my research, bought diapers that have excellent resale value, bought them on black friday deeply discounted and will now be able to sell my newborn stash for MORE than I paid for it! Not only am I saving money in the long run, it is an investment. When I sell my newborn diapers, I will roll that money right into onesize diapers that will fit ALL THREE of my babies until they are potty trained. There is no downside (besides the poop) in my opinion. And you are right, they are ADORABLE!

    1. Danielle, I’ll be following up to your email shortly, but are you familiar with the Rebecca Foundation? They help with the initial cost of investment.

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