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I know, I’ve been a little lazy about my Monday MoM Blog Picks, but I’m back this week with some good ones.

Pajiba: 25 Practical Tips About the Horrors of Raising Twins That You Will Never Learn from Movies and TV

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.18.53 PMYou’ve probably seen this post make the rounds of social media, but it’s worth a read, despite the fact that the word “horrors” in the title is completely misplaced. I suspect “horrors” gains more eyeballs than “reality.” There’s nothing here that we MoMs don’t already know, but it’s rather nice to see it all in one place. Having multiples is a special experience, good and bad.

Texas Tales: {Quad Squad} Simple Sensory Ziploc Bag!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.38.49 PMAmber is a mother of quadruplets, aged one. She came up with a simple, no-mess squishy project for her quartet. Even if your kids are too old for this activity, you have to check out with post and coo at the adorable little ones.

Twins Times Two, and One More Too! A Decision to Use Donor Eggs: Marni’s Story

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.39.59 PMMichelle, mother of multiple multiples and a singleton, invited Marni to share her infertility journey. Through the gift of donor eggs, Marni was able to conceive and deliver her boy/girl twins, Jett & Delilah. For anyone who wants to know what the process is like, not just physically, but emotionally, check out this post. Thank you, Michelle and Marni, for giving us this glimpse into a world I frankly know very little about. Twins & Multiples: Breastfeeding Guilt

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.41.14 PM

This post made my list before this afternoon’s post was in my consciousness, I promise. Pamela, whose identical girls recently went off to college, talks about the hard truth that some moms of multiples are unable to breastfeed, despite wanting to do so. Pamela acknowledges the guilt that comes with perceived nursing failure and provides some realistic reassurance. I could have used her words when my girls were 5 months old and I was desperate to end my J’s nursing strike.

McBabyBump: Three

McmamaMcMama, is a military wife and mom of 6, including fraternal twins bookended by singletons and two angels. In this post, McMama shares with us the raw agony of losing her son Job at 20 weeks gestation 3 years ago. Her words are knife sharp and her pain palpable. Let those of us who get to watch our babies grow never forget how precious they are nor shy away from those who grieve.

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