Foodie Friday: Two Step Recipes for Reluctant Cooks

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I hate cooking. I mean, I like the whole concept of making fresh, delicious food for my family, but actually doing it is less fun than folding laundry (which I like. Weird.). It’s kind of a problem, because I really like to eat, and my kids and husband are kind of insistent on eating too.

Enter the two step recipe.

All these little treats have been enjoyed by my one-year-olds. They combine two or more food groups, and they make good finger foods. Adults and older kids will like them too! If you’re looking for something to pair with a main dish, give these a try.

Fro-Yo: I can’t take credit for this one; a friend saw it on Pintrest. Blend yogurt and fruit. Drop small plops onto a cookie sheet (or if you have a tiny freezer like me, fill ice cube trays about 1/4 full) and freeze. Done! I pop them out and cut them up into quarters (sort of mini cubes) – perfect for little mouths.

Toast and Creamy ‘Cado: Mash up a quarter avocado and a big old glop of cream cheese. Spread it on toast. Seriously, this is a huge hit. We have this almost every day for breakfast. (Cream cheese on french toast is pretty good too.)

Crockpot Chicken: Put some chicken breasts and a jar of your favorite marinade in the crockpot. Add some onions for extra kick. Turn it on low for 5-6 hours. The meat is tender and flavorful – perfect for those of us without many teeth.

Oats and Naner Drops: The recipe is here. Seems complicated, but it’s just a mix-and-bake deal. For those with food allergies, this one is great because it is free of wheat, eggs, and dairy. I’ve tried it with bananas as well as blueberries and nectarines. Pretty much any fruit would do, as long as it’s not too watery. They come out more mashable than crunchy, which makes for less choking hazard.

MumMums and Re-fried Black Beans: If you’ve never heard of Baby MumMum crackers, they are just rice rusk crackers. I actually find them delicious, and so does every child I’ve ever encountered. Dip ’em in re-fried black beans for a treat high in iron. Disclaimer: this created the biggest mess I have ever seen and absolutely necessitated a bath night.

Rice and Cheese Balls: Mix up steamed rice and cheddar so that the cheese melts. Offer in little balls. You could also mix in re-fried beans or even avocado.

What quick recipes satisfy your family?

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