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Blog of a Wife, Nurse & Twin Mom: Huge Decision

Clipboard01Krystle is mom to twin boys and a baby girl. She’s also a NICU RN. In this post, she shares the journey she went through deciding to give up her weekly NICU shift to stay home full time with her brood. I think that her emotions and concerns are common among working moms who have the option to stay home. She also holds a special place in my heart, as all NICU nurses do, because I’m a preemie mom and am grateful beyond words for the professionalism, competence, and compassion of the nurses during our residence in the NICU.

The 123 Blog: So, School and My Boy

Marcia from The 123 BlogMarcia is the mother of boy/girl twins who works full-time outside the home and is an organization coach and public speaker. Yes, she’s busy and inspiring. In this post, Marcia talks about the challenges her son has been having with his teacher at school. I’ve been reading her blog since her twins, K and C, were infants and consider Marcia a good friend. It breaks my heart to read in this post that her vibrant little boy has been labeled at school as “lazy.” My girls currently have the world’s best teachers, but I know the negative impact that a bad, uncaring or badly matched teacher can have on children.

The Great Umbrella Heist: Stillbirth – What You Need to Know

Sarah is raising adorable identical triplet girls, aged 6, who were conceived months after the stillbirth of her oldest, Abbey. She’s also one of The Moms and contributed to HDYDI until her girls were 3 years old. In this post, she brings up some practical concerns surrounding stillbirth and the status of children who die in utero. So many in this community have been touched by this sort of loss that I wanted to bring her points to our attention. She talks about both the legal status of the babies themselves and the rights of their parents. And while you’re on her site, check out her adorable triplets and learn a little something about how to acknowledge and support the parents of a stillborn child. Oh, you might also learn something about spina bifida. And photography.

My Life…as a Wife and a Mom of 4: No Matter What He is Still My Dad

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 10.47.37 AMTrina is the mother of two sets of b/g twins, aged almost 6 and 3. In this post, she talks about the complicated mix of feelings at the death of her father. Her love for him is palpable, but his alcoholism meant that she had to cut ties with him for the wellbeing of her children. Far too many of us know exactly what she’s talking about. While I didn’t grow up with alcoholic parents, many of the people I love did. Trina, we’re sorry for your loss and your pain. Thank you for sharing it.

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