Foodie Fridays: Indian Roti (Flatbread)

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Growing up I used to help my mom in making roti (also known as chapatti) which is a flatbread similar to the Mexican tortilla. She would make the dough and I would sometimes help her roll it out into a circle (or a square, or the map of India, or some other shape) and help her to pan fry it.

In many traditional Indo-Pak families, the lady of the house would make fresh roti every day for dinner. That is just not feasible for most families nowadays, so you buy the chappatis in the grocery store. However since I am trying to domesticate myself by trying to make food from scratch whenever possible, here is my take on how to make rotis in your home!

It’s a simple, affordable and healthy alternative to store-bought bread.  The best part is kids love it and you can sneak all sorts of healthy ingredients without them knowing it! The one downside is it is a 3 step process and can be a bit time consuming and requires some practice to get it right.


Anyone can make Indian ‘roti’. Just take a note from our kids when they use playdough!

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