Getting Your Kiddos Involved in the Holidays: Snowman Kits

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A couple of years ago, when our girls were just shy of three, we made “Build Your Own Snowman” kits for our friends.

We scouted our local dollar stores for the fixings you’d need for a snowman.  The girls loved the adventure of finding just the right trimmings.

DSC_0603Of course we included a hat and a scarf.  We had to get creative to find non-perishable things to be used to decorate the snowman.  We found sunglasses (in the party supply area — 5 for $1)…a doubled-up orange pipe cleaner for a nose…golf tees for the mouth…and brass brads for buttons.  In all, each kit cost about $3.


The girls had a great time decorating gift bags to hold our findings.  (We made quite a few of these bags for family and other friends, and the girls loved showing off their handiwork.)

DSC_0605On top of the bag, I tied a list of contents and my recipe for homemade hot chocolate, to be enjoyed after constructing the snowman.

As luck would have it, we haven’t had a significant snowfall over the past three years.  A couple of friends have mentioned they still have these tucked away for their next opportunity to build a snowman.  And I’ve seen pictures on Facebook from a couple of other families, pieces of our snowman construction kit having found their way into the dress-up bin.

Either way, this was such a fun activity, and a great way to get our girls involved in the holiday season.

What are some ways you get your young kiddos involved in the holidays?

MandyE is mom to soon-to-be five-year old fraternal twin girls.  She writes about their adventures, and her journey through motherhood, at Twin Trials and Triumphs.

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MandyE is the mother of 4 ½-year old fraternal twin girls, Baby A and Baby B. (And yes, their names actually start with the letters A and B!) She worked in the marketing field for nine years before her girls were born, but these days she’s relishing the opportunity to be a SAHM, which she plans to continue until the girls start kindergarten. MandyE has been blogging at Twin Trials and Triumphs since her girls were a year old. Between her blog and her local Mothers of Multiples group, she considers the multiples community a huge part of her support system.

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