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How do you do it? Parenting Link Up #4

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from HDYDI to all of our readers!

How Do You Do It? is a community of mothers of multiples. We believe in supporting each other, in sharing our experiences and questions, in friendship, and in encouragement. And what better way to do that than to do a weekly parenting link up party, a link party open to all of our readers, whether you have multiples or not, where you can share your wisdom, your favorite posts, your insights, with our online community here at HDYDI.

We want to know: How do YOU do it?

How do you handle pregnancy and everything around it? What’s your potty training secret, your housekeeping kryptonite, or your trick for a good night’s sleep? How do you handle colic or cold, flu and RSV season? How do you handle being a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a single parent? How do you find time for your partner?

If you are a blogger and a parent, caregiver, or parent-to-be (no multiples required), we want YOU to link up! When it comes to parenting: How do you do it? Let us all know!

Link parties are a great way to connect with other bloggers, to share your wonderful content and posts, and to be inspired! Plus, each week we will be picking some of our favorite posts and featuring them the following week on our site! Plus, we’ll pin them on Pinterest, tweet them on Twitter, and share them on Google+ and Facebook! Talk about exposure for you!

We had such great posts linked up last week! We had a really hard time deciding which ones to feature from the 15 links!

So, I’m going to do some “honorable mentions” again this week!

As mothers of multiples, it’s so great to know we can survive trips to the store, score discounts and freebies for being a Mom of Multiples, and can fondly look back on how our twins’ bathing routine has changed with time. Also, here’s a little bit of advice on mothering boys – sometimes, it’s just best not to look!  Now onto our featured posts!

This week’s featured posts:

link - building blocks of contentmentTanika of Davis Family Chronicles shared some great post with us last week, but I especially loved her post “Building blocks of contentment that reminded me to stop and give my kids what they really need – me! – not more discipline.  Also check out her post called “Caught in the act, and I don’t care!

Picture taken by TwinBug Photography at twinbugphotography@yahoo.com
Picture taken by TwinBug Photography at twinbugphotography@yahoo.com

Cleaning the house with twins (heck, any kids!) around can be just darn near impossible, and completely overwhelming, but Kimber of Kimber’s Navy Family shares how despite ditching her housekeeper and gaining a bigger house, she has found housekeeping has gotten easier! She shares ways she’s incorporated her children into the housekeeping chores, enforced a no-whine policy, and made a cleaning schedule. Are you making regular cleaning one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

M is for Music - Preschool Lesson PlanTeaching our children is a big task for parents, but Katelyn of What’s up Fagans? has presented a thorough preschool lesson plan on the letter M – M is for Music. She has suggestions on games, songs, crafts, writing practice, matching, snacks, and even a free printable. If you are a homeschooling preschool mom, I would definitely check it out (and her other preschool lessons).

If you were featured above make sure to grab our featured button and sport it on your blog! How Do You Do It? Featured Post

Parenting Link Up Party

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