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Happy New Year from the HDYDI Moms!

How Do You Do It? is a community of mothers of multiples. We believe in supporting each other, in sharing our experiences and questions, in friendship, and in encouragement. To help nourish our community, we host a weekly parenting link party, a link up open to all of our readers, whether you have multiples or not, where you can share your wisdom, your favorite posts, your insights, with our online community here at HDYDI.

We want to know: How do YOU do it?

How do you cope with the holidays when you have infants, toddlers or teens? What’s your potty training secret, your housekeeping kryptonite, or your trick for a good night’s sleep? How do you handle colic or cold, flu and RSV season when your family expects you to attend holiday gatherings? How do you handle being a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a single parent? How do you find time for your partner?

If you are a blogger and a parent, caregiver, or parent-to-be (no multiples required), we want YOU to link up! When it comes to parenting: How do you do it? Let us all know!

Link parties are a great way to connect with other bloggers, to share your wonderful content and posts, and to be inspired! Each week, we pick some of our favorite posts and featuring them the following week on our site! Plus, we pin them on Pinterest, tweet them on Twitter, and share them on Google+ and Facebook! Get some more exposure for your great content, and don’t forget to check out the featured posts from last week’s link up!

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Last week’s posts were few but wonderful! It was hard, as always, to decide which ones to feature from the 8 links!

This week’s featured posts:

I'm thinking of starting a blog

Alison of Thinking of Starting a Blog shared an insightful post expressing her bemusement at the things other people must think (and say without thinking) about what it means to have a child with a disability. In her post The Strange Things People Say…” she told us about one person’s odd reaction to seeing her daughter Ashlea perform her newest “trick”–walking independently, which is quite the accomplishment for this fireball of personality who happens to have cerebral palsy.

Printable Lunch Notes from WonderMom Wannabe

Many moms with school age kids like to drop a note of love and encouragement in their school lunches. Corinne of WonderMom Wannabe has put together some printable notes to reduce that effort in the craziness of a school morning. Some of them are cute borders for your note of the day, while others already have a lovely message pre-written for your little ones.

Alfie Strikes from Such a Mama

We just couldn’t let the year end without featuring some of the crazy antics of an Elf on a Shelf. Alfie is the Elf hosted by Ann at Such a Mama. We especially loved the marshmallow bubble bath and alphabet block name. Take notes for next year!

If you were featured above make sure to grab our featured button and sport it on your blog! How Do You Do It? Featured Post

Parenting Link Up Party

Rules for the How Do You Do It? Parenting Link Up Party:

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  2. Link up to 3 great parenting posts below! Please, no recipes posts! Of course, link directly to a post, not your main page. Also, under “name” put the title of your post.
  3. Check out at least 3 other links! This is a party, so mingle!
  4. Leave an awesome comment for those you visit and tell them you found them at the HDYDI link party! And pin them/share the posts that you really like.
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