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A triplet mother's review of The Preemie PrimerThe Preemie Primer is a great reference book for parents of multiples, especially triplets and more, who have a high likelihood of spending at least a little time in the NICU.  I read it basically cover to cover when my wife was about 22 weeks pregnant with our triplets.

I’m an information seeker so this book was just what I needed when I was feeling anxious about our little trio arriving early. This book is written by an OB who was pregnant with triplets. She delivered and lost one boy at 22.5 weeks and the other two were born at 26 weeks and had multiple complications. Throughout the book she includes personal anecdotes, which makes it easier to digest this sometimes overwhelming information. Dr. Gunter does a nice job of explaining “medical~ese” in layman terms too.

I think you need to know yourself before deciding if this book is for you. If you have a hypochondriacal streak, then you may want to wait until you know your babies are going to be preemies and then order it on Amazon and just read what is relevant in the moment. If you’re like me and “just want to know” then this is a good book to get up to speed on common preemie medical issues.

The book is organized by time frame. It starts with “The beginning” covering pregnancy and delivery. Then moves on to the bulk of the book with “Your premature baby & the hospital,” giving an in depth look at time in the NICU. This section is organized by body system (lungs, digestive system, etc) and covers normal function as well as common problems and treatments. Part three focuses on the mind-body connection, starting with the emotional roller coaster that parents experience when their babies are in the NICU and discusses some good coping strategies.  We were lucky that our triplets were only in the NICU for a week, but I can still attest to the emotional roller coaster!

There’s a section that’s all about “working the system” to help with navigating the medical, insurance, and government benefits systems and he last two sections cover topics related to issues once you get home and then a final “other things you should know” section.

Overall I found this book to be very useful in preparing for our babies’ stay on the NICU. We’re donating our copy to our NICU for other families to use!  I think it’s a great resource to help parents feel empowered to be advocates for their tiny babies!  You can find a copy on

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