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When my daughters were in daycare, they had all their friends in common, but J was especially close to one little girl in her class. There was never any conflict or jealousy over their relationship.

Since then, my daughters have shared the same degree of closeness with their friends. There hasn’t yet been any “your friend/my friend” talk. Right now, there are three girls in their grade that they’re especially close to. They have individual friendships with each one and are also close as a group. Each of the girls has an active social life outside this circle, but these three friends are unquestionably my daughters’ closest.

On the wall of the hallway outside my daughters’ classroom are displayed poems written by the kids in the class. One of them is an acrostic poem on the subject of my daughter M by one of the quintet of friends. The first line is, “My best friend.” Another line reads, “Loves her sister.”

The whole thing is just so sweet. They all know that there’s plenty of love to go around.

Sadia (rhymes with Nadia) has been coordinating How Do You Do It? since late 2012. She is the divorced mother of 7-year-old monozygotic twins, M and J. She lives with them and their 3 cats in the Austin, TX suburbs and works full time as a business analyst. She retired her personal blog, Double the Fun, when the girls entered elementary school. She also blogs at and Multicultural Mothering.

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Sadia (rhymes with Nadia) has been coordinating How Do You Do It? since late 2012. She is the divorced mother of 10-year-old monozygotic twins, M and J. They live in the Austin, TX suburbs, where Sadia works full time in information technology. She contributes to a number of parenting websites and magazines and also runs The Mommy Blogging Guide, where she answers mommy bloggers' technical questions.

One thought on “Friends of Twins”

  1. Going back to your post from a few days ago, about “twin” issues aging out at some point…this is a reason I expect there always to be a “twin” dynamic to some degree.

    It’s been a while now — probably since my girls started preschool and have friends outside of our MoMs group — that I most often think of myself as a mom with two kids…not necessarily a “twin” mom. Still, the multiples dynamic pops up quite often in some form or fashion.

    I love hearing about your girls’ group of friends. I know that’s one of the things we all hope for our children, to be surrounded by wonderful, supportive friends. It’s great to glimpse that at play with J&M. :) :)

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