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The other day I was going through the baby blanket boxes.  Boxes.  Plural.  We have several boxes of baby blankets.  And we only really use 6 blankets total.  Each child (I have 3) has one at day care for naps.  And each has one for sleeping at home.  And that is it.  6 blankets, with 2 more boxes of blankets.  Occasionally they play with one, but really, most of these blankets are simply sitting, peacefully, in boxes.  A few of these blankets are really nice and I decided it was time to use them.

Side story.  When my husband and I got married we got a long sofa and a chair and a half for our living room.  It is still super comfy and we like the color, a brick red, but I am getting a bit tired of the color.  The pillows all match.  A brick red sofa and a brick red chair and 6 brick red throw pillows.  I am getting tired of the monotony really.

And that is where I had my Ah Ha moment!  I am tired of all the monotony and I want to do something with these baby blankets.  Blankets + Pillows = less monotony!

This is what I started with.  One brick red sofa pillow and one pretty purple striped baby blanket a former student made me when I had my first baby.  I also started with some trepidation.  This is a hand knit blanket, and there was a degree of fear in this project because I did not want to ruin it.  But I also did not want to leave this blanket in the box anymore.

So I brought the blanket up to my “sewing room”, which to the outside world is a window seat.

Test run, will this work?  Will it look ok?

So I bit the bullet and started pinning and sewing. Pinning was a nightmare. I could not keep the pins in place. And I really had to stuff this blanket under the sewing machines presser foot. but eventually I got a system that worked. I call it, quite technically, as “stuff and pull”. My student had edged the blanket with a pretty seam, so I used that as my guide. I wanted to be able to see the seam, so I sewed just inside the edging, up both sides.  I literally had to stuff it under the presser foot and pull it.  For anyone trying this at home, be careful with that presser foot, a few times it got caught on the knitting and I had to sew backwards to get it out.  But in the end it worked.

I stuffed in the previously boring brick red pillow and it came out perfectly!

The back was a bit of an issue, but I decided to sew the opening shut the same way I did the sides.

My lovely assistant/the original blanket recipient

Right now this pillow is sitting on the chair and a half in my living room.  I have a few more hand knit blankets that might also become pillow covers. But more, I have a way to showcase a really lovely baby gift.  The twins are 22 months old and into everything, so more and more, I find myself throwing away/putting away/hiding so many things.  I really like that instead of hiding this away, it is now something that we can all enjoy.

Beth is known as mommy by a 5 year old and boy-girl 22 month old twins.  She blogs about life, kids, and DIY, at Pickles in my Tea and in my Soup.

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Beth was happily raising her now 4 year old daughter and planning for one more, when the doctor said that he saw 2 good sacs. Her boy girl twins we born at 35 weeks - he naturally, easily, after 4 pushes. His drama queen sister turned transverse and then her placenta separated, leading to her delivery by c-section (with Beth under general anesthesia). Thanks to post delivery eclampsia, Beth met her twins when they were 26 hours old. Now those days are just a memory and the twins are crazy and funny. Crawling all over the house chasing big sister, reading books, knocking over towers and cuddling are favorite activities. Beth's challenge is to balance a preschooler, 1 year old twins, her DIY obsession, and a full time job as a college professor, while finding time to occasionally vacuum to feed her OCD side. Beth blogs at Pickles in my Tea and in my Soup.

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