Make-It Monday: Halloween Decorations with the Littles

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Since I graduated from elementary school, I haven’t been much of a fan of Halloween.  Having kiddos, though, made me appreciate the holiday in an entirely different light.  (Really, I appreciate every holiday in much more depth…an opportunity for themed crafts?  Sign me up!)

Halloween1I just decorated our mantle and shelves for Halloween, and I still love the little wreath the girls and I made about three years ago, when they were a little more than 2 1/2.
I bought a package of foam pumpkin shapes from the dollar bin at Target. I asked the girls what kind of expressions they would like…a smile or a frown…and I cut some shapes from black felt.  I let the girls sort through my button collection to find three sets of two buttons.  And I cut a green leaf from some scrap foam.  The girls were able to glue the findings in place, and I attached them to a small grapevine wreath I found at the craft store.  I added a little bit of polka-dot ribbon to finish the look, and this little creation has been adorning our den each Halloween since.  I love the different expressions on the pumpkins’ faces!

Even more than our wreath, I love our collection of Halloween family pictures.  I didn’t set out for this to become a tradition…the girls’ first Halloween I just happened to take advantage of a neighbor walking by and I asked her to make a picture of the four of us.  Now, I make special arrangements to have someone take our picture.  I love adding a new photo each year!

I had the idea a couple of years ago to paint wooden frames to display our family pictures.  I bought these unfinished frames at the craft store for $1 each (usually less a 40% off coupon!).  The girls have helped me paint the solid grounds, but the finishing touches I leave for me to enjoy.  I love coming up with a new frame theme each year.


I guess you can say I’ve gotten into the Halloween spirit over the past five years.  As long as the girls are content to wear adorably cute (not-so-scary) costumes, this might even become one of my favorite holidays.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

MandyE is mom to 5 1/2-year old fraternal twin girls.  She blogs about their adventures, and her journey through motherhood, at Twin Trials and Triumphs.

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MandyE is the mother of 4 ½-year old fraternal twin girls, Baby A and Baby B. (And yes, their names actually start with the letters A and B!) She worked in the marketing field for nine years before her girls were born, but these days she’s relishing the opportunity to be a SAHM, which she plans to continue until the girls start kindergarten. MandyE has been blogging at Twin Trials and Triumphs since her girls were a year old. Between her blog and her local Mothers of Multiples group, she considers the multiples community a huge part of her support system.

41 thoughts on “Make-It Monday: Halloween Decorations with the Littles”

  1. I have yet to get in to the spirit of Halloween as it’s not such a big thing over here in the UK. Well, the supermarkets would like you to think so as they already have loads of stuff!
    I do like your little pumpkins. It does make me think I should try and do more crafty things with my oldest (2.5yrs).

  2. Sounds like you really enjoy it. I guess kids do that to you, make you appreciate things in a different way. I’m already trawling the shops to find the best outfit for H’s first Halloween… I’m really looking forward to it. I think it’s because I can dress her up, and that’s just not something I’m really into. I love her being a little baby, but now she’s crawling everywhere and standing she’s going to look so so so cute dressed up. I love your photo frame idea, I might do something similar. #twinklytuesdays
    NewMummyBlog recently posted 6 things only a parent would sayMy Profile

  3. I agree completely that having kids makes you see all the holidays in a new, rosier light! My kids love halloween and I like to view it as all just being a bit of fun for the little ones. Plus, halloween is the first event in a whole season of exciting events – bonfire night, carnival season (in our local area) and then of course, Christmas! What’s not to like?! 😉
    Sue @ Home Heart Harmony recently posted Boy Bedroom Update (Part Three)My Profile

  4. My 6 year old says she prefers Halloween to Christmas (I really don’t understand that!) and so I’m always on the lookout for simple, Halloween crafts and activities. I really love the wreath and the Halloween pictures are wonderful – such as fantastic idea! I’ll be giving them a go! #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Those are some fun ideas. It never used to be a big deal over here when I was little, but it certainly is getting that way now. My kids get really excited about. They are already planning what they want to wear, they think it’s great fun. I went to a fright night a couple of years ago and it was great fun, I make a great Wednesday Addams xxx #TwinklyTuesday
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  6. I love Halloween but have never decorated before (except for when I had a house party and went a little crazy, I covered the entire living room in black bags!) but am will be sure to go crazy when Aria is a little older.l
    I love what you have done here and I think it is great to get the kids involved in crafts to decorate.

    Leanne Cornelius recently posted Home : Preparing To SellMy Profile

  7. Oh my word – you are so super crafty! These are super memories you are creating for your children and they are going to remember these times forever…I love that! Swung by from #TwinklyTuesday

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