This is a great list of companies that offer discount and freebie programs for families with multiple infants, with information on how to get each one.

Discount Programs for Multiples

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We’re trying something new. We’d like to elicit your help in developing the definitive list of discount programs for multiples. Know about a company that offers discounts or freebies for families of multiples? Add it below yourself! Have you learned that one of the items on our list is out-of-date? Please leave a comment on the item and we’ll retire it.

Above all, though, take advantage of these offers. Most of the gifts and coupons are most helpful in the first year, so don’t wait. Have a friend expecting multiples? Perhaps you could offer to handle getting them signed up for these offers as (part of?) your baby shower gift. You will probably have to wait until the babies are born, but I certainly could have used the help as a new mom of twins!

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  1. My DAUGHTER has a set of twin girls they’re 2 years old. Last week they were in a car wreck in their carseats, also her 5 year old son in his carseat. I’m looking for someplace that can help her with replacing the three carseats. She’s a single parent of four and she’s semi-homeless. She’s working trying to make a better life for her BABIES. I’m her MOTHER but also homeless and on fixed income. PLEASE if anyone knows of where I can get some HELP for my DAUGHTER & GRANDBABIES. PLEASE let me know by email. THANK YOU

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