For many (most?) MoMs, her own sleep is the only "me time" on the table.

Me Time? What Me Time?

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I have this habit of ignoring emails that seem like they are going to spell trouble. You know the ones that ask for your help, time, resources… The ones that once you open will either stick in your head in that annoying way, or every reply will claim more time. How Do You Do It?‘s Sadia sent me one of those emails. I opened it. Big mistake. I have been in an emotional kind of funk ever since.

Her email was simple, innocent, kind. She just wanted to know if any moms of multiples bloggers wanted to participate in this week’s series of posts on “Me Time”. As hard as I try I cannot get that phrase “Me Time” out of my head. Because I have no idea what it is. And it caused a fairly intense panic attack.

Me Time.

It sounds like an awesome idea. It sounds like that nebulous “Spare Time” concept I have heard so much time about. Do people really have time that is “Spare”? I feel like every second of my day is scheduled, planned, allotted. But the more that phrase stuck in my head, the more I tried to analyze my time and see if I do have any “Me Time”. Does folding laundry count? I generally have company when I use the bathroom. And showering is hit and miss. There is nothing like trying to shower while 3 year old twins pull open the curtain from either side and scream to be picked up.

Meal times I sit with the kids but I often get caught up in serving, refilling water, putting dishes in the sink (is it ok to scrub just one while they eat? Maybe 2, 3, or 4?). Story time, playing outside… it is all about the kids. It is all scheduled.

And then once they are all in bed there is the battle over not wanting to go to sleep, needing a stuffed friend, wanting cuddles, Mommy can you PLEASE rock with me? And once they are asleep (for however long they are asleep – Mommy there is a giant snake in my bed!), there is the house to pick up and work to do, papers to grade, and a husband to spend a few minutes with before I get too tired to stand.

So then, what is “Me Time”? Do I not have any? Or does it not exist? Is there such a time as “Me Time” when you are a mommy? A few weeks ago my husband took the kids out to play so I could have time to myself and I spent that time cleaning, doing laundry (I swear I do enough laundry for it to be a full time job!) and cooking dinner. Is that what “Me Time” is really all about? I am up every day before 6 to shower and get ready for my day. I crash between 9 and 10. But those hours from 10pm to 6am (ish) are mine. Maybe that is my “Me Time”. I just wish I was awake for it.

Making Time for Me - a series on mothers finding time for themselves in the middle of the insanity of parenting and lifeFrom August 31 to September 4, 2015, How Do You Do It? is running a series on “me time” for mothers: why we need it, how we make it, what we do with it. Find the full list of posts on the theme week page.

Have you blogged about mommy time on your own blog before? Are you inspired to do so now? Link your posts at our theme week link up! We’ll do our best to share them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with the hashtag #metime.

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Beth was happily raising her now 4 year old daughter and planning for one more, when the doctor said that he saw 2 good sacs. Her boy girl twins we born at 35 weeks - he naturally, easily, after 4 pushes. His drama queen sister turned transverse and then her placenta separated, leading to her delivery by c-section (with Beth under general anesthesia). Thanks to post delivery eclampsia, Beth met her twins when they were 26 hours old. Now those days are just a memory and the twins are crazy and funny. Crawling all over the house chasing big sister, reading books, knocking over towers and cuddling are favorite activities. Beth's challenge is to balance a preschooler, 1 year old twins, her DIY obsession, and a full time job as a college professor, while finding time to occasionally vacuum to feed her OCD side. Beth blogs at Pickles in my Tea and in my Soup.

2 thoughts on “Me Time? What Me Time?”

  1. I feel ya! And I’m laughing (sorta-kinda) *with* you…not *at* you, I promise!

    My hubby has taken our girls for a drive now and again…an hour or so for me ALONE in the house…and there have been times I’ve cried. It’s like I didn’t know what to do with myself, ALONE in the house. It was foreign!!! Such a relief (???), yet I knew it was so short-lived. Hard to explain, actually. And I usually end up doing laundry or cleaning, too. But at least I can do it with the TV turned on to something nonsensical. And I’ll just consider that “me time”. 😉
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