Hilarious! Toddlers and old people have a lot in common!

Toddler Thursday: How Twin Toddlers Are Like a Grouchy Old Couple

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  1. They think they’re the centre of the universe.
  2. They are completely committed to each other…
  3. but they know exactly how to get under each other’s skin. They do so as often as possible.
  4. They have questionable bladder control.
  5. They can’t hear a word you say… unless you include the phrase “ice cream”.
  6. They have no sense of time or urgency.
  7. Logic is an unknown concept.
  8. They need no words to understand one another completely.
  9. However, they have a pathological need to talk over each other.
  10. They pass gas without apology or embarrassment.
  11. They’re far less likely to suffer injury if they use a walker…
  12. but they’re completely unwilling to accept their bodies’ limitations.
  13. They are creatures of routine and habit. Don’t mess with their schedule. It can only lead to grief.
  14. They prefer their food bland and mashed.
  15. They teach you to look at the world with new eyes.

Toddlers may have a whole lot in common with the elderly... but the elderly are sometimes right.

While toddlers are like old people in thinking they know everything, the old couple is probably right on this score. The toddlers, however, are entirely wrong.

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45 thoughts on “Toddler Thursday: How Twin Toddlers Are Like a Grouchy Old Couple”

  1. My boy is not yet a toddler but I can already see the start of some of this behavior! Particularly selective hearing in regards to certain words…”No!” “Stop chewing that!” Even his name: he knows these things but can tell when he’s going to be told off for playing with his favorite toy (read: something dangerous) Cheeky! #TwinklyTuesday
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  2. Haha love this – the next time my toddler is winding me up (probably right after nap time) I will remind myself of this post and have a chuckle! #twinklytuesday

  3. Number 5!! Only for us it’s the word sweets. Something he has only just really discovered. I call him sweet boy a lot but it now means something entirely different to him as to how it does to me! Great list! Thanks for being such a fab co–host of Twinkly Tuesday :)
    Lisa (mummascribbles) recently posted Why I’m so weepy!My Profile

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