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From the moment we saw and heard two heartbeats, I knew that life was going to change in a huge way. Immediately my thoughts went to pregnancy complications. Would both babies be healthy? Would I carry them to term? I was afraid to get too attached to the babies for fear that something would go wrong. My husband, on the other hand, blurted during the ultrasound that we were going to need a minivan. But I knew from my reading (I’ve always had a fascination with twins) and friends’ twins that prematurity and congenital defects were risks with twin pregnancies.

At every appointment I was cautiously optimistic. When they became more “real,” I began to hope for a set of b/g twins (we knew they were fraternal). I thought that the best since same-gender twins would have to live with constant comparisons to each other. Lo and behold, at 20 weeks that is exactly what we found out. To this day I still don’t know how I got so lucky as to call the gender of every one of my births.

With my doctor’s approval, I stopped working at 28 weeks, then appointments at 32, 34, 35, 36, 37 weeks, and all seemed to be going well. Of course at this point I was huge and not so very mobile, but I’ve always loved being pregnant (don’t hate me!), and knowing my babies were thriving gave me joy every moment of every day.

Finally my csection was scheduled for 38 weeks at 7am the Monday after Thanksgiving. So Sunday night we were getting ready: hospital bag, BigSis stuff, shipping her off to my mom’s. Then we went to bed, but I never fully slept. I ended up getting up around midnight feeling lousy (which were contractions, but I didn’t know it then because with BigSis my water broke and I had an epidural right when I got to the hospital– but, that’s another story). After fighting the feeling for another couple of hours thinking it would go away, I told my groggy husband we should probably head to the hospital early. We got there at 3am, two hours before my scheduled check-in time.

Turns out I was 4.5cm dilated already. Everyone was pretty surprised I had gone into labor on my own just hours before I was scheduled for surgery (coincidentally this is almost exactly what happened with BigSis as well). So the babies arrived two hours before they were scheduled, at 4:58 and 4:59am. They had been transverse, which probably contributed to my mostly-comfortable pregnancy. I clearly remember the gushing of amniotic fluid (twice!) when the doctor went in and opened up their sacs to get them out. I also remember meeting my little babies one after the other, thinking they looked huge. It was no wonder though, they were the size of full-term single birth babies: 6 lbs. 5oz. and 6 lbs. 10 oz. And they were perfect.

I knew then, and even more so looking back, that we were so so very blessed that the babies were full-term and healthy. I am extremely grateful. Now that we have gotten the dreaded minivan and pricey bigger house, and on trying days when they have tantrums back-to-back, I should remember this more :)

lunchldyd is mom to almost-3yo b/g twins and their 5.5yo sister. Between working mornings, kindergarten, preschool, kids’ activities, remodeling/moving into a new house, and daily tantrums, she is… not complaining.

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lunchldyd is mom to 3 year old boy/girl twins and their 5.5 year old sister. She is now teaches part-time to juggle the needs of her young children. When not at work and the kids are asleep, she is addicted to watching TV and sometimes sacrifices sleep to read in bed. She lives in the Los Angeles suburbs with her husband, three kids, and two dogs.

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