Coffee filter snowflakes are fun for the whole family.

Make-It Monday: Coffee Filter Snowflakes

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Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we’re getting fully into the winter celebratory spirit. Our first winter craft of this year has been coffee filter snowflakes.

Coffee filter snowflake. The folded filter has tiny pieces tiny out of it (top left) and unfolds into a delicate work of seasonal symmetrical art.

Any paper can work for a pretty snowflake, but the circular shape and thin nature of coffee filters makes them all the easier to cut. You want to use the circular ones for this project, not the cones.

Circular coffee filters are the perfect material for paper snowflakes.

Depending on your child’s maturity, patience, and hand-eye coordination, he or she may be able to fold the filters or require your assistance. I like to flatten them, then fold them into twelfths, as shown below, but folding them in eighths is easier. The snowflake shown at the top of this post was cut from a filter folded in twelfths, the one at the end in eighths.

How to fold a coffee filter in even 12ths to make a lovely paper snowflake.

The next step is to cut small pieces out of the folded filter, being sure to cut through all layers. You can go with geometric shapes, or something more targeted. Hearts, Christmas trees, and flowers are all shapes with a line of symmetry, so those work well along the fold lines.

Sample cuts for a coffee filter snowwflake.

When you’re done cutting, unfold a lovely snowflake. These can go up on your wall, be assembled into a pretty mobile, or be glued onto cardstock for a cute homemade holiday card. You can also teach your kiddos about symmetry while you make these!

Unfold your paper snowflake and teach your little one about symmetry while you're at it!

Coffee filter snowflakes are an easy art project and illustrate the basics of symmetry.

I’ve been having just as much fun making these coffee filter snowflakes as the girls have. If you do this project, send us a picture on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

If you want to get really impressive, check out Anthony Herrera’s snowflake designs. We tried our hands at some of his Frozen-themed ones, and they were amazing!

Anthony Herrera's Olaf snowflake/

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