Ask the Readers: Transitioning multiples to toddler beds in the same room

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Last week’s Ask the Readers post went so well, I thought I would ask readers for help for a friend! If you’ve transitioned multiples of cribs, these questions are for you, so please stick around and help if you can.

One of my closest friends in real life has fraternal twin boys a week older than my fraternal twin boys. We met through our multiples group’s listserve because our boys have such similar temperaments. We have been helping each other since our boys were 4 months old, and the advice we get from each other is advice it would be hard to get any other way. Yet another reason to join your local multiples group!

My boys transitioned out of their cribs around 16 months. The first month was tough, then we had bliss for 4-5 months. That period was the calm before the storm. Shortly before they turned 2, sleeping together became nearly impossible. After we caught Alex sitting on Nate’s head bouncing up and down, we got a video monitor and instituted a “no getting out of bed” rule. In our situation, we felt the boys could not be trusted alone together, so we needed to not only watch them, but teach them to respect each other’s space. At naptime and bedtime, we watch the video monitor and give them warnings then time outs if they get out of bed. After a couple of weeks of this, they now stay in their beds and we’re back in a blissful state.

My friend just transitioned her boys a month ago and it’s been chaos in her house. At first, they refused to nap completely, but it’s clear they still need a nap. Now they do exactly what my boys did – one is the instigator and bothers the other one who is trying to sleep.

So dear readers, please give us any and all advice you can! Did you keep your multiples in the same room? Did you split them up? If you kept them together, how did you stop them from fighting? If you split them up, why did you decide to do it? Any helpful hints on the transition to beds?

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Watch Out for Hot Slides!

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This post is a repeat of a post I made on my personal blog last summer, but I think it’s important enough to post again!

One beautiful day last summer, the kids and I headed over to my girlfriend’s house for a casual little playdate with a bunch of our mommy friends and kiddos. My friend had a slip & slide and some little wading pools set up in the backyard and we were all having a fine time, until Mallory got hurt! The kids had been playing on the jungle gym off and on, and Mallory decided to go down the slide. Evidently, the sun had really warmed up the slide since the last time she went down it, because it seriously burned her skin! We were shocked that she could get burned so badly! We ended up in Urgent Care having the burned cleaned out and dressed (which was horrible) and she had a bandaged, injured bottom for weeks. Here’s a portion of my original post:

I decided to put this out here as a warning to parents: PLEASE be careful and watch your children closely during these summer days! Their little delicate skin can get burned so easily by swings, slides – even swimming pool ladders. And this was NOT a metal slide; it was the plastic one that comes with the playset you buy at Sam’s Club. It was a fairly warm day – 85 degrees – but it was only 11 in the morning, and the kids had been playing on the slide just a half hour or so earlier.

You can read the rest of it right here if you want. I just wanted to put it out there, once again – beware of hot playground equipment in the summer! We had no idea our child could get a second degree burn from a plastic slide. It wasn’t a fun day for us! And a year later, Mallory still talks about it!

Something to keep in mind this summer!

Learn from our mistake!

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