Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Twins and More

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Disclosure: I received a $35 credit plus free shipping from Personalized Ornaments for You in exchange for an honest review. Images are shared with permission.

We absolutely love decorating our Christmas tree. Since my twins are responsible enough to handle breakable ornaments, I trotted out all the special ornaments this winter. These are the one-off ornaments that hold special meaning to us, whether they were a gift from my daughters’ great-grandmother to commemorate their first Christmas or handmade by my daughters the year they learned to write.

Popsicle sticks, paper plates, glue, and paint make for an easy Christmas ornament for little artists.

I’m a sucker for little things with big meaning. Family themed Christmas ornaments? Sign me up.

This ornament commemorates baby's (or in the twins' case, babies'!) first Christmas.

While the Hallmark First Christmas kitten in a stroller is adorable, its true meaning comes from it being a gift from Grandma Great. Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for that, it would be a little generic. Grandma Great was thoughtful enough to buy two of them so that each twin will have one to grace her own Christmas tree when she is grown.


My girls have recently come to realize how very special their twin bond is. They spend a lot of time with their best friend, who was an only child for nearly 9 years. This friendship has inspired them to express more and more how special it is to have an identical twin sister.

2015 was the perfect time to find gifts for my daughters that would acknowledge their unique connection, and I found them in the form of Christmas ornaments.

This ornament from #POFY was an instant hit with twin sisters. Of course, mommy had to get two of them!

How utterly adorable is that mantle with matching stockings with each girl’s name (which I’ve edited out for their privacy)? The stock text for the ornament was “TWINS’ 2ND CHRISTMAS!”, but I was able to supply my own text for no extra cost. Of course, I also specified my daughters’ names. Adorable personalized ornament! #POFY #twins

The order form is wonderfully easy to use.


Ordering affordable personalized ornaments could not be easier! #POFY has a huge variety of family themed christmas ornaments as well as others.

I ordered two of the ornaments. Because, twins. They’re excellent quality and honestly far nicer than I expected them to be, given the prices and rapid delivery. I can’t come up with a criticism, and I’ve tried. They’re nice heavy ceramic with a beautiful sheen and the pride put into the handwritten lettering is clear.

When Personalized Ornaments for You first reached out to us for a review post, I was ready to say, “Thanks but no thanks,” as I do to most companies, since most companies have nothing specific to offer our multiple birth families. Generic family themed Christmas ornaments weren’t going to cut it.

#POFY was completely different. Not only did they offer options for twins, there were so many to choose from that I had to make a shortlist of favourites, step away from the computer, and then decide. In fact, although I went to their site fully intending to order a single ornament, I ended up ordering three, supplementing the company’s generous credit with a bit of my own money. I’ll get to keep my own single mommy of twinfants ornament when my grown daughters abscond with theirs!

An ornament for a single mother of twins? Oh, sure, Personalized Ornaments for You has even this mom covered!(My daughter has been exceptionally camera-shy of late, but she loved these ornaments so much that she even offered to model them for the blog!)

#POFY doesn’t just have stuff for twins, either! Triplets and quadruplets are set, as are larger families with singletons in the mix.

#POFY even has ornaments for triplet families!

How perfect would an ornament like this be to announce a multiple pregnancy? Instead of names, you could go with “Baby A, Baby B, Baby C, Baby D”?

A perfect ornament for the family of quadruplets that has everything. #POFY

Or you could sneak a due date in place of a name and watch realization dawn on Grandma’s face!

A great keepsake for a BIG family! #POFY has great family themed christmas ornaments.

I was going to distribute our ornaments around our tree, but one of my daughters stopped me. “Put them together, Mommy,” she requested, “because it’s our family, and we belong together.”

How cute are these ornaments for a single mom family with twins? #POFY has great family themed christmas ornaments for families of all sorts.

So, have I talked you into wanting your own little tear jerker moment, inspired by a personalized ornament? I’m happy to tell you that Personalized Ornaments for You is hosting their close out sale starting today, through the end of the month. If you’re in the US or Canada, hurry over to grab some gifts for loved ones or treats for yourself to squirrel away until next December.

Of course, I’ve focused on the multiple family-themed ornaments, but you’ll find something for everyone and every occasion on the #POFY website. Happy browsing!

Personalized Ornaments for You offers just that - the perfect personalized ornament to say, "You are special."

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Mom’s first Christmas

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I was supposed to post this yesterday but it was delayed by two little girls with runny noses trying to use up their body weight in Kleenex,  a playschool field trip, and an after-hours visit from the plumber.

Two years ago, I was very pregnant with my twin daughters, and considering the possibility of Christmas babies.  As Christmas approached, my family members wanted to know what to get me.  Knowing that I would have two little babies arriving within weeks of Christmas, I wrote my Christmas list accordingly:

  1. Our prenatal class instructor told us families expecting multiples needed three things: a king-sized bed, a lazy-boy-style recliner and a freezer full of meals.  I think they are all good suggestions, but we managed without the first two items.
  2. I planned to breastfeed our babies, so I asked for some nursing tops that would work for tandem feedings.  I also got a nursing loungewear outfit that I could wear during the day without feeling I was wearing my pjs.
  3. I knew that while breastfeeding, I wasn’t going to be doing much else, so I asked for books.  After a few years of grad school, I enjoyed all those novels and magazines. I often found myself reading to my 2-year-old son while breastfeeding, or zoning out in front of the TV, but I did enjoy the books, too.
  4. I got a TV show on DVD. For the evening feedings, I could also be sure to have something watch.  By this time of day I was too tired for much else but watching TV and eating.  It took most of the first year to get through 7 seasons of STTNG; an episode was usually long enough to feed both babies.
  5. While breastfeeding, I was eating and drinking more than I did while pregnant.  I enjoyed the herbal teas, flavoured steamed milk, and water out of my new water bottle.  And the kind of snacks you get at Christmas but wouldn’t usually buy for yourself.
  6. A telephone headset was great since I usually had at least one child needing my attention. It let me have adult conversation, emotional support and to get appointments booked while feeding babies, making snacks for a toddler or changing diapers.
  7. Happy and healthy babies are the best gift of all.  They were a wonderful Christmas gift, but I’m glad they arrived a few weeks after the holidays.

Merry Christmas to all the new moms of multiples, and the moms to be!

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