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My son who is now 4 years old was delivered by a midwife. When I got pregnant for a second time, I immediately contacted the midwife and intended to have another midwife attended birth.  Of course, finding out I was having twins, changed those plans. I was suddenly switched from a low-risk clinic with midwives, to a high-risk practice with a doctor. Although I continued to hope for a natural birth, eventually, my daughters were delivered by cesarean because they weren’t positioned properly. I was reflected on this change of plans the other day as I thought about what to say to a friend is scheduled for cesarean delivery for her twin boys next week.

I’ve often tried to figure out what the purpose of having a cesarean delivery with the girls was. Not the medical purpose, but the life lesson person. Right from the beginning having a cesarean was one of my biggest concerns about having twins. I couldn’t find any information about how to decrease the chances of having a c-section with twins, but I decided I was just going talk to the babies and tell them why I wanted them to get lined up for a vaginal delivery. But, always finished by saying I trusted they knew when and how they should arrive.

My Baby Girls (5 hours old)
My Baby Girls (5 hours old)

I think one of the benefits of having a c-section (in retrospect 2 years later) was that it really made me focus on the babies for the first days and weeks.  First, we were in the hospital longer so they were, of course, my focus. Then, when I got home, I couldn’t physically do housecleaning, cooking, laundry etc.  While it was frustrating to feel helpless, I again had to focus on the babies. There wasn’t much else I could do. I made me slow down and not try to do everything. (However, at the time, I was not so patient and appreciative of this opportunity.)  I took full advantage of the doctor’s orders not to lift, push, pull or carry anything heavier than my baby (just one!) for the first six weeks. I had lots of help from my husband, my mom, my sister, friends, and even my son, while I started healing.

Did your babies’ births goes as expected? What did you learn from it?

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