Pinching Pennies and Tightening Our Belts…It’s All About Saving More and Spending Less

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Anyone out there remember learning about Victory Gardens? According to Wikipedia,

Victory gardens, also called war gardens or food gardens for defense, were vegetable, fruit and herb gardens planted at private residences in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom during World War I and World War II to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort. In addition to indirectly aiding the war effort these gardens were also considered a civil “morale booster” — in that gardeners could feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. Making victory gardens became a part of daily life on the home front.

I have been thinking about those gardens lately…little plots of dirt and seed that united our nation. The reason why I was thinking about those gardens was because we as a nation seem to be facing a new challenge together: finding ways to stretch our dollars. There is no getting around it, the price of EVERYTHING is increasing, and people are changing the way they live their lives, much as the gardeners did. I truly believe that saving money and being thrifty and conscientious of our dollars and cents is going to be the new “in” thing. You can quote me on that the first time a celebrity announces they are clipping coupons!

I wanted to address several issues in this post, and if our readers are interested in reading more, I will address some of the more specific ways we MoM’s can save money in future posts.

Let’s start with this: Conflict over money is the number one cause of conflict and divorce. Yep, number 1! And with gas prices rapidly rising, grocery prices skyrocketing, and all of the child-related expenses (times 2 or more!) we face every day, living life is pricey.

As a stay at home MoM, or a paycheck collecting MoM, now is the time to keep your eyes wide open. It is not time to shy away from the truth of your family finances. Regardless of who pays the bills in your household, I believe it best for both husband and wife to be aware of the money coming in, and going out. Simple budgetting and regular discussions about your financial needs and wants will go a long way toward making your marriage with your financial partner strong.

Regardless of your current earning status, we as MoM’s are stewards of our family finances. More often than not, we are the main shoppers for our family. We have tremendous “buying power.” How we choose to spend our money makes us the most powerful consumers in America! (okay, maybe I made that up, but I bet it is close to true!)

Another lesson that I have been learning lately is to practice contentment. It is so easy to get caught up in the idea that things=happiness. According to the huge pile of “things” in my basement, awaiting their time to shine at my upcoming yard sale, “things” DO NOT=happiness. Nope, they actually=more dusting! I think I may have to stop watching HGTV, as that channel does not help me to be content!

What are your current money worries? Do finances play a large role in your daily life? Would you like to read more about this topic? What money saving topic would you like to see addressed?



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