Product Reviews: TwinSpin-Tunes for Twins [CD]

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Expecting twin parents often ask what are the “gotta-gets” for a family with two on the way. Sure, there are the obvious: two car seats, inordinate quantities of diapers, two high chairs, a double stroller, and lots of hands ready to help.

One item that may not be so immediately evident, but one that I recommend heartily—with in-house, experience-earned enthusiasm—is TwinSpin: Tunes for Twins, the CD composed especially with twin-listeners in mind. Produced — and many songs sung — by twin mom Judy Faulkner Krause, the CD comes from a lilting voice of multiple mama perspective.

The TwinSpin tunes (iTunes) are hip, happy, and highly movement-motivating— totally devoid of the grating, sing-songy undercurrents so pervasive in the bulk of kids’ music. Spanning a variety of musical styles and incorporating a broad spectrum of instrumentation, this is a CD my twosome requests repeatedly—and with my blessing. As a matter of fact, I dare any plural parent not to get up and “Double Double Fun Fun” dance with their duo! Equally challenging is trying to hold back a maternal tear or two listening to the only twin-centric lullaby I’ve ever heard, “Sleep Softly”.

Every twin-blessed family should have a copy of TwinSpin: Tunes for Twins… smarter yet, have TWO! ENJOY!

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