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I promise I’m going to stop talking about milk and sippy cups soon.  But in the interest of full disclosure, I thought I’d provide the middle and end to my tale of switching from formula to milk and bottles to cups.

Not long after their first birthday, as well-documented on this very site, we began the great switcheroo. I was so thrilled not to buy formula anymore, I can hardly even express it.  The switch to milk went fine.  Over the course of about a week, I moved their bottles from 100% formula to a gradual mix of formula and milk, until it was all milk with just a scoop of formula to finish off the can.  Great, no problem.  I did it in their usual bottles, though, as they were not super interested in the cups.  OK, fine.

The next week, instead of handing them a bottle first thing in the morning, I handed them a cup.  Daniel could have cared less, but Rebecca took one sip and turned up her nose and would drink no more milk until I gave her the bedtime bottle that night.  She’d drink water or diluted juice out of that cup, no problem, but not milk.  This went on for days. The girl knows a weakness in the system when she sees one, believe me. Then, we left for vacation, and I just threw up my hands and brought the bottles for milk (still sippys for water and other non-milk liquids).  Fine.

Came home, tried again to offer the otherwise acceptable sippy cup full of milk, Rebecca again turned up her nose.  Until, one day, she knowingly took a few sips.  Aha!  Caught in the act!  You are physically capable of drinking milk from a sippy cup!  The next day, upon re-reading the advice you lovely readers gave when I first asked, I recommitted to going full-time sippy cups.  No more bottles.

As some of you predicted, she drank VERY little milk for the first several days.  I kept her hydrated with other drinks and fruits with plenty of water content.  I kept her calcium intake going with yogurt and cheese. I tried all variety of new and different cups, until my husband finally asked if there was some kind of Gremlin-esque sippy-cup explosion in our kitchen.  I was getting frustrated, though perhaps half-admiring my daughter for her total commitment to the cause.

And then, at a friend’s house, she snagged another kid’s sippy cup. Not unusual, and the cup only had water in it… but it had a straw.  She loved that thing.  I decided to give it one last try, and found them at my local grocery store.  Put some milk in it, and she was not immediately disgusted.  A sliver of hope?

Yesterday, she drank two full cups of milk in about an hour and a half.


Oh sure, this morning she didn’t drink much.  But now at least I can just attribute it to normal ups and downs, and not an absolute refusal.  So, for all those who might be struggling with their kids and cups, sometimes it just takes a little stubbornness and a few more tries.

The winner of the sippy-cup stare-down?  The Gerber Cool Twisties Straw Cup.  Of course, my son hasn’t figured out the straws yet and is still doing the Take & Toss ones, but oh well.  It works.

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Product Review: Sippy Cups-The good v/s The Bad

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When i first started working on transitioning my girls to sippy cups, it became a chore to find one that they really liked.  I, like most moms, probably went through way too many cups and way to much money, because there are soo many sippy cups on the market these days.  After the avent bpa bottle recall, i was able to take all of my bottles back and since my girls had just been weaned off of bottles, i had a “bottle/sippy cup” credit for new products at Babies R US(if you haven’t taken your bpa bottles back…do so soon, as the days go by, BRU becomes more strict with what you can and can’t do with these bottles…i wanted a credit and they told me to either pick out sippy cups or wait till you need some and see what the rules are at that time)!  I  went ahead and picked out a ton of sippy cups..and i was ecstatic, because it gave me the advantage of turning in all my bottles, that were used, and in return, get NEW sippy cups!  I had a credit of almost fifty dollars towards sippy cups!  My sippy cup drawer is over-flowing with different kinds of new sippy cups.  My husband was so frustrated, because he thought i should have bought ONE kind, so not to get all the parts confused(typical man).   I did the opposite, i bought one of every kind of sippy cup i had not previously owned, to see if there REALLY IS one sippy cup, that is truly spill and leak proof. 

Not to long ago, I also polled our MOM Writers and asked them, what their favorite and least favorite sippy cup was, and why?  I received a TON of feedback, so, thanks ladies!  So with that, here is a list of our favorite and not so favorite sippy cups.  Keep in mind, as with bottles, every child has a preference for sippy cups.  BUT, i feel that as children get older that can change and you go with what works for YOU.  Your baby will adjust and for me it was way more about what worked, what didn’t leak and what had the smallest amout of parts to wash.

OUR Favorite Sippy Cups:

 Nuby 12 oz flip It – no spill straw cup- these also come in 9 oz for the smaller kidos, Gerber trainer cups-soft spout are great and help transition from bottle nipples to sippy cups, Take n toss are wonderful and do the trick-only problem is the lids crack if you bite down to hard and they also leak-but so cheap how can you go wrong, Munchkin staw cupsBorn Free sippy cups-6 month have soft spout and don’t leak unless you shake them-9oz have hard spout and don’t work as well, Nalgene Grip n’ Gulp (BPA free)-work well without the valve, Nuby (the cheap ones from Walmart with valve-free spout)-are great but have lots of parts and you have to line them up just so…but they don’t leak and won’t explode when thrown, Playtex Sipsters and KEEP the valves in, Gerber and Dr. Browns are really good too.

Our least favorite sippy cups:

Avent Magic Trainer cup-too many pieces to put together, kids didn’t hold the handle correctly, they leak and you have to make sure the spout is pushed in far enough, to top all that off the shape was cumbersome, The First Years character series(Elmo, etc.)-the hole at top wasn’t big enough to let in enough air, so very little liquid came out,  The First Years-Learning Curve wide straw flip cover(princess Charcters)-LEAK LEAK LEAK, Sigg-great concept, but leaked everywhere, FOOGO by Thermos Leak-Proof 7oz sippy with handles-blue-but too heavy and complicated to take apart and reassemble for everyday use/but they are great b/c they will keep liquids cold for long periods

One mom found a awesome website, in which you are able to replace some parts of some sippy cups.  Mostly, more recent sippy cups.  So if you are looking for a certain piece that your child has chewed up or a piece you have lost, check out the following site:

Having a almost 4 year old and my 19 month old twins, i’ve been through a ton of sippy cups myself.  SO, here are my own favorite sippy cups: 

Playtex baby einstein(but they have a hard spout, Playtex with flip straw, Gerber soft spout for younger babies(we started out with these at 6 months), Nubys are great but my daughter chews the spouts up pretty quickly and it makes me nervous that she could swallow a piece her and there, the first years hard spout are great and don’t leak, But my all time favorite that have NEVER leaked are, Playtex hard spout 6 & 9 oz with soft plastic valve inside(they make insulated and non insulated ones and we love them all). 

So, now its your turn!  Leave a comment and let us know, what is your favorite sippy cup and why?   

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