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I flaked on my post last week because my girls recently turned two.  We had their party last Sunday, and it was like Elmo’s World up in here for a day.  Whew!  Glad that is over…

I can hardly believe two years have passed since my girls came into this world.  In truth, most of the first year was a blur.  I often speak of those early days and months, but they mostly seem like a dream to me now — such a dream in fact that I am starting to remember them with fondness.  I am even starting to entertain the idea of having a third child, the mere mention of which would have gotten you booted from my house two years ago.

I am in constant wonderment at how simultaneously fun and utterly frustrating  two 2 year-olds can be.  Amelia, in particular, can go from angel baby to the featured kid on Nanny 911 in under 10 seconds.  And, as quickly as the tantrums come on (and for no apparent reason), they go.  And what’s left is a fun little person with emerging language skills, a quirky sense of humor, and an admirable, albeit unattainable (even with buckets of caffeine) energy level.

Do I think the Twos are Terrible?  Not even close.  Overall, I would say that two totally rocks.  Yes, I am declaring this a mere 5 days into the game.  Is it premature?  Maybe.   But, Amelia and Ella are filled with a such a sense of curiosity and excitement about their world that it’s virtually impossible not to catch some of it.  They think animals are cool people with fur.  They are obsessed with school buses, airplanes, and every other means of major transportation.  They would rather run around outside while it pours cats and dogs than be cooped up in the house.  I told you they rock.

Now that the girls are two, I am starting to feel more like a mom and less like a caretaker.  Don’t get me wrong – at least 60% of my day still consists of wiping butts, picking noses, and feeding on demand (mostly crackers and fruit bars).  But, the other 40% is filled with some pretty fun stuff.

So, Happy 2nd Birthday to my little girls!!  You’ve come a long way, babies:



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