There's no magic trick or superdrug to avoid stretch marks, diastasis recti, or twin skin, but having twins doesn't always result in those conditions.

The post-partum twin belly: there is hope

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Looky, Daddy!‘s wife, The Mom, wrote one of my favorite twin blog posts. “The Mom on Going All the Way” is about women who make it full-term with twins. The advice most expecting twin moms get is full-term twins are about as likely as having a completely normal post-partum twin belly. We are told to prepare for premature babies and completely ruined stomachs.

As soon as my twinshock wore off after our 20 week ultrasound, I became obsessed with twin bellies. Besides worrying about the health of my gestating boys, I worried about my ever-expanding stomach.  I googled “twin belly pics” and read twin entries on The Shape of a Mother. I posted my own belly pics on my blog and watched my google hits rise.

During all my obsessive internet reading about twin bellies, I never heard stories like my own. And it is from that perspective that I share today my BIG twin mom secret: my post-partum twin belly is completely normal. I made it to 36w, 3d with 12 lb 4oz of baby in my 5’4″ body. I have no stretch marks, no twinskin, and no abdominal separation. I didn’t do anything special and there is no secret. Just like twin moms who make it full-term, there is no rhyme or reason as to why this happened to me.

I thought a long time before sharing this, because I don’t want women to feel ashamed of their post-partum bodies. But just like stories about full-term twins, stories about “normal” post-partum twin bellies are missing from the multiple moms dialogue. It is rare, but it happens and it happened to me.

36 weeks with twins:


21 months post-partum:




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34 thoughts on “The post-partum twin belly: there is hope”

  1. Wow! That is amazing! Also, not me (but I did go full term, so I guess that I bucked that “stereotype.”)

    I must confess, my stomach didn’t look all that great BEFORE pregnancy, but the twin skin and stretchmarks up to my boobs are an unfortunate side-effect that I mentally wrestle with daily.

    Way to go on offering a bit of hope to those that are pregnant with twins!

  2. Wow-you look awesome!!! I’m 5 months post and while I would like the process to move a little faster, I’ve seen great improvement in my tummy area. A little stationary bike riding and sit ups here and there but mostly breast feeding a lot of carrying two babies. I can only imagine when I can really get some exercise in. You give me hope! Real see it to believe it hope :) Thanks for posting!

  3. wow. you know people are going to hate you right? i mean, i don’t hate you. but i know others will. i must confess i snapped back to my pre-prego weight just about 6 months after delivering twins (37 weekers) and ever since then i get a lot of reactions of disgust from women. some mothers of twins, some mothers of singles, some not mothers at all. you look great and you should be proud and props for being proud to show it off! i’ll feel proud now instead of feeling weird. :)

  4. Lucky ducky!!! You look fantastic!!! I went to 37 wks, gained about 50lbs, twins were about 11 lbs total, and I’m 5’1″ normally 100 lbs. Currently about 130lbs and sinking!

    I thought being 23 would help me bounce back with no problems. Ha! However I am grateful that I don’t have a single stretch mark to speak of, but I certainly have twinskin below my belly button. I’m giving it a year or so to get back into shape. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll just have to post about the other side of the story! ha :)

  5. Yay for you! I also went 36 weeks with my two. The total weight was 12.75 pounds. My belly looks NOTHING like yours and I’m 5’10” and all torso! Congrats!

  6. You look amazing! I carried my twins 38 weeks & have a loooong way to go b/f I would even think of taking a pic of my postpartum belly. Thanks for sharing & giving me some inspiration. :-)

  7. finally! i didnt think there was any hope! are there more that arent admitting to no stetch marks? this is the first evidence i have found that it can be done. you do look fabulous before and after. im currently 27wks and am lotioning like mad but do think it is in the genes. no one in my family has stretch marks. i didnt get any with my first and got a tight tummy after a couple of months. very lucky. hope i will be as lucky with these two, thank you for giving me hope.

  8. wow!!! WAY TO BE PROUD OF YOUR TUMMY! Your stomach is amazing! I’m 5’2, petite and carried my twins to 38 weeks exactly (son was 6.10 and my daughter 5.11) but I never got stretch marks. I have some serious twins skin though and my tummy has a LONG way to go but thanks for giving me hope!!!!

  9. I really don’t like my extra skin!!! I only went 32 weeks, and they were a combined 9 lbs, 4 oz. How is everyone else doing it? It’s been 10 months now, and my skins seems to have STOPPED shrinking!

  10. I mean this with the most love and admiration, really, but you lucky bitch!!!!! : )

    I have been “blessed” with sagging from Csection, tons of stretch marks and a pooch. Just lovely.

    Though, I think from not working out my belly is MUCH worse. There’s been no time at home and no money for anything special. I’m thinking about getting the WIi Fit or a treadmill because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    You look awesome. Go ahead, brag. You deserve it. People need to know that it is a genetic thing and not so much a personal issue.

  11. Thank you for sharing! You look beautiful. And I love the big twin tummy shot too. :O)
    I also have a flat tummy, no stretch marks, and no twin skin 16 months after my twins were born (at 37 1/2 weeks). I thank genetics, but also Bath & Bodywork’s sugar scrub, which kept my stretching tummy skin nice and soft. I used it every time I showered all over every stretching part of me.

  12. This is really helpful to see. I know I’ll have to wait and see how my body does, but I’m glad to know it is at least possible. I started this pregnancy in the best shape of my life, and I’d really like to think it is possible for my body to bounce back. So far I’m at 28 weeks and counting…

  13. I’m currently 27 weeks with twins who are already measuring over 2 and a half pounds each, no stretchmarks in sight! I really, really hope to come out of this as fortunate as you!

    Thank you so much for posting!

  14. I think you look fantastic. I applaud you for looking as good as you do, and for being brave to post pictures. I do think, though, that calling a flat belly “normal” does a disservice to those whose bodies actually look as though they’ve had children. Most women are not as fortunate as you, to have skin which doesn’t stretch, and who can have a flat abdomen after carrying twins. It has nothing to do with any achievements, and all to do with genetics, so why is one more normal than the other? Given the statistics, I would argue that the deflated, hanging, sagging bellies are more “the norm”, and hence “normal”.

    I do think you look wonderful, but I would question your use of the word “normal”, and also any indication that “it can be done” takes the genetics out of the equation, and for most, this is something that cannot be controlled. You either have the genes, or you don’t. You were given a gift, which is wonderful.

  15. im 28 weeks with twins that both measure around two and a half pounds. im already getting stretch marks….. i really hope my stomach can look half as normal as yours does when im done.

  16. Wow you look super fantastic!! How did you manage no stretch marks?? Seriously though, did you use lotion or just drink a lot of water? I need help! I’m 11 weeks pregnant with twins and I got stretch marks with both my previous pregnancies and am loathe to get any more!

  17. i am poking around trying to figure out how to recover after my pregnancies because i am at a loss for what to do about my loose skin.

    i have to admit that i too returned to a fairly reasonable belly profile after the twins, but then got pregnant 9 months after with my 3rd child. quite a shock for us. anyway, it seems that the back to back pregnancy is what pushed my body over the edge. little recovery time for my skin and muscles before being hit again. now after 3 kids, 2 pregnancies, in 18 months i am left very saddened by my figure. i have lost my pregnancy weight and am 5’9″ 126lbs. sounds decent but not compared to the size 4 i was. my belly is a mess. stretch marks and loose skin. advice anyone…help me please….no surgery, it sounds dreadful. everything seems to point toward surgery. i am considering taking up rowing to address the issue.

  18. Congrats! I made it 33 weeks and 5 days. I was back to a flat tummy and my pre-preggie weight in two weeks. I gained almost 50 lbs with my twins. I have 2 stretch marks. Angelina and her “mommy tuck” can suck it.

  19. I am 4 1/2 months pregnant with twins. I was 5’8″ 120lbs before the baking process began. If I have to hear one more stranger’s horror story about the butchered stomach their friend’s neighbor’s sister had I’m going to scream. You did it & recovered beautifully…I have hope! Good job on all the hard work you put in to get that stomach! You look great:)

  20. There’s is hope! Yaaaaayyyy!! I am 5.5 months post partum and refuse to have the dreaded twin belly (identical girls-made it to 37 wks via c-section) 10lbs away from my pre baby weight. Congrats to you and God Bless your little babies. Thanks for sharing. I needed this. :)

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