Overheard: Mothers of Twins are "pretty amazing"

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I took my big girl out for a little “girl day” recently. We went to a local Children’s Musuem, which was actually just a big play place, with lots of interactive things for your child to do. After about 90 minutes, I needed a break let her play independently for a while. As I was sitting and watching her, I found myself eavesdropping on the conversations of the other mothers around me. One in particular went something like this:

1: “Are those two twins?”
2: “No, just friends. Don’t they look alike, though?”
1: “Yeah. “(pause) “Can you even imagine having twins?”
2: “Ohmigod, NO. How HARD would that be?”
1: “I know! Totally! I can barely keep up with one. God, how would you even FEED twins.”
2: “Well, you would just HAVE to use bottles. There is no WAY you could nurse them.”
1: “Oh, I wouldn’t want to do that.”
2: “Well, you would have to.”
1: “Wow. I’m so glad I don’t have twins. I could NOT handle that.”

So, my first reaction is to brag: “I have twins. It is a lot of work but it’s totally manageable. And of course you could nurse them (or at least give it a try). I did; it’s totally possible.”

But, what would I get out of that conversation? In the end, nothing. And I am of the mindset lately that unless I am talking to another MoM, I really don’t want to talk about the logistics of raising multiples. So, I said nothing. I just continued to listen as they went on (and on and on…) until finally they ended on this note:

1: “I guess those mothers must be pretty amazing.”
2: “And tired.”
1 + 2: Hysterical laughter

Laugh all you want ladies. Without even knowing it, you just made me feel 1000x better about myself and my parenting abilities! So thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Overheard: Mothers of Twins are "pretty amazing"”

  1. How funny! I overheard a conversation between two women at the Gap the other day about how Baby A is always a girl. I almost chimed in and mentioned that my Baby A was a little boy, but then decided nothing was to be gained by that converstation. And the kiddos have only a certain amount of patience for browsing the sales rack at the Gap—why use up that time talking with someone about an inane statement about twins?

  2. Rebecca, someone else said the same thing to me about Baby A “always” being a girl. I was mildly annoyed that my own Baby A was a girl, because I was dying to disprove the woman. I think I finally came up with, “But what about twin boys? Baby A in that case is never a girl.” Yeah. A lot of value I added to that conversation.

    But seriously, where do people get this info?!

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