2 babies + 1 spoon + 1 bowl = 1 meal

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Feeding two babies at a time 

Jeanne posted a question about how to feed two 8 month old babies at the same time, especially when one is a difficult eater or when one baby keeps blocking the food with a thumb in mouth. The general consensus, with several variations, was that the easiest way to feed one baby is to use one bowl of food and one spoon, alterating bites. (Some of us, and I hate to admit that I am one of them, use this method even if one baby is sick. If they are going to take each others’ pacifiers and use them, does the same spoon really make a difference? Yep, this is how I rationalize exposing the well baby to the sick baby germs.) Several people use two bowls, so that they can see how much food each baby is getting. In my house, where both babies are chunky monkeys and usually quite happy to eat, I just shovel food into whichever baby seems interested.

How to deal with a thumb in the mouth?

I learn something new every day! Cheryl says that her doctor told her that the baby putting her thumb in her mouth after every bite is triggering her swallow reflex. Huh. So what looks like a difficult behavior to us is really adaptive? What smart babies…

I usually feed the other baby a couple of bites while waiting for baby #1 to become interested again. These days, there are lots of yummy finger foods on their trays, so fairly quickly those fingers leave the mouth in search of tasty finger food treats. And in goes another bite!

 What if the baby won’t open her mouth?

LauraC had a great suggestion for distracting the baby enough to get food in. Put a toy in the baby’s hand. For example, a mooing cow–squeeze it to distract baby and then sneak food in. Check out this link for photos and a more detailed description of this method.   http://jonandlaura.blogspot.com/2007/01/which-one-is-correct.html

As they get older, what I’ve done is offer more and more finger foods, so that the babies can munch on the finger foods and I can slip some pureed stuff in when they open their mouths to shove in cheese/pears/bananas or whatever else is on the menu that day. We started this around 9-10 months, but I think all babies are different when it comes to readiness for finger foods.

Sign language

Another great suggestion for dealing with fussy babies at mealtime is to introduce signs. You can even just focus on a couple of key mealtime signs, such as “more” and “all done” if you’re not interested in using signs all the time. I’ve heard that starting this around 6-8 months can get you signs back by 8-10 months. We’re still waiting for baby signing in our house (at 10 months) but we keep on trying! One day…

For an online ASL dictionary that will give you more signs than you or your baby will ever need, try this website: http://commtechlab.msu.edu/Sites/aslweb/browser.htm

Do you have other great suggestions for how to make mealtimes work? Add them in the comments section for others to see and try!

Do you have topics you’d like to see covered in our Foodie Fridays postings? If so, just post the suggestion in the comments section and we will do our best to respond. Ask away!

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4 thoughts on “2 babies + 1 spoon + 1 bowl = 1 meal”

  1. I have triplet boys. When they were younger I was one of those moms who had the assembly line. I had them next to each other and all facing me. I would have one large bowl of food and just go from mouth to mouth. As a parent of multiples, you learn to do things that might mortify other parents. There is no way to keep the germs away from each other. You can’t chase them around cleaning a toy off everytime.

    As for sign language, I can’t even begin to explain the benefits of signing with young infants. We are huge time fans of Signing Time and Baby Signing Time (www.signingtime.com). They have over 20 different DVDs, their shows are on PBS in many cities around the country, and they have a wonderful website that is just full of information, games, and an informative posting forum. Sign language will relieve many of the frustrations before a child can verbally communicate.

  2. I feed the girls on the same spoon too. It’s inevitable either way. If one twin gets something…chances are SOO high the other will you might as well not prolong what’s coming. I’d rather get it done and over with.

  3. thanks for the suggestions! we are doing alittle bit better with eating. today, one ate all her food and half her sisters. I wasn’t going to toss it if she was still hungry. I dig the one spoon-one bowl theory. thanks!!!

  4. Hi Fellow MOMs! I linked over to this site from Vanilla Pumpkin, where a review of my product, the Baby Dipper bowl, was just posted. As a mom of two sets of twins (4 years old and 6 months old), I invented a new type of baby bowl to let me feed both using only one hand, leaving the other hand free to do something else (hold a bottle for the other baby, hold down arms, wipe messy faces, etc.). AND, it’s also great for toddlers who are learning to feed themselves. Check it out at http://www.babydipper.com and please pass the word along to MOMs and moms. TIA!!!

    You MOMs who run this blog are all fascinating! I wish I had time to visit all of your blogs! In my spare time…. HA! I do (sort of) keep a blog also: http://babydipper.blogspot.com.

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