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My favorite product for traveling with young twins is the GoGo Kidz Travelmate. This attachment straps onto a car seat essentially turning the car seat into a wheelie bag. Instead of lugging a double stroller, two car seats, and two kids through the airport, you can wheel each kid. Prepare to be stopped when you travel with these because people want to know what they are and where you bought it.


Using Travelmates made our trip logistics easier. At the curb, my husband Jon put the Travelmates on the car seats while I entertained the kids in the car. I wheeled the kids into the terminal while Jon parked the car. We each wheeled one child through security. We quickly strapped the kids in before moving away from security.

As for getting on and off the plane, there is no easy way to do this with young twins. If you do not buy seats for your kids, you can gate-check the car seat/Travelmate combo. We bought seats for our boys so it was a little more complicated.

We took the Travelmate off the car seat before getting on the plane. We put each child in a car seat and carried the car seat with a child in it. We asked the flight attendants to stow the Travelmates for us as soon as we got on board. Upon arrival, we carried the boys into the terminal in the car seats before attaching the Travelmate.

Without Travelmates, I found the idea of air travel with twin toddlers daunting. With Travelmates, I can’t say air travel with toddlers is easy, but it is certainly much, much easier and means one less thing to worry over. And if you ever need to RUN from one terminal to another terminal at O’Hare Airport because you have only 10 minutes to make a connection and they are not holding the plane for you, you will want to kiss your Travelmates. Trust me on this one.

Read all about the GoGo Kidz Travelmate at their website

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4 thoughts on “Product Review: GoGo Kidz Travelmate”

  1. I saw someone using these in the airport the other day! (Well, maybe they only had one…) But it looks so handy, especially with those big ol’ convertible carseats. Guess what’s in my future…

  2. I also use the travelmate when traveling and find it a life saver. My husband and I traveled from California to Florida during Christmas and used the travelmate in the airport, during our stops for coffee and left it attached the entire time. We also left it attached when we boarded and on the airplane duriing the flight. You can leave it attached with the car seat on the plane. Some airlines seats may be tricky, but we found it to be no problem! You have to remove the travelmate from your car seat when in a vehicle. I agree that this product makes traveling with kids much easier. GoGo Babyz has a new product out called the Infant Cruizer that I am going to purchase when my second child is born.

  3. Quick question for anyone that has used this product… does the carseat attach to the travelmate? Thank you.

    1. A lot of car seats have “ribs” on the back, and the Travelmate has a piece that goes between them, then screws on the main thing.

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