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Being a mother of multiples (or a MOM), has taught me one thing above all else – GET ORGANIZED OR DIE. It’s one of the reasons those of us with multiples say that there’s a reason God gave us twins (or more). It’s because we can handle it, even if we don’t think we can.

Organization in the kitchen became an immediate need when the boys came home from hospital. We went to bottles within the first couple of days with me pumping, so there was the nightly dance of cleaning bottles/prepping for the next day/washing the pumping equipment/storing the milk. Sigh. I’ve almost forgotten those days in a haze of sleep-deprivation.

Now that my guys are older (4 1/2), we’ve gotten to the point where our grocery needs are pretty consistent each week. I’ve made a little printable list that I just check off when it’s grocery day (Sunday for us) and then add to it with anything the hubby and I might need. I know you can find pre-printed lists out there but I found it was most helpful to make my own as I felt like I was always crossing more off than I kept. So feel free to download mine and make it your own. Just don’t judge me, please. (And by the way, “hexagon crackers” are oyster crackers – that’s what my guys call them because they are, I’m convinced, geniuses.) The grocery list has two complete lists on a single page, so you can print it out and cut it apart. Are you picking up that I like to make the most of my resources?


A few other lessons learned in the food department:

1. Juice – of course, we all know you’re not supposed to let your kids drink too much juice. I’ve never taken the time to find out how much juice is too much juice, because I’m lazy. So we just don’t have juice in our house. Except ORANGE JUICE. My boys are obsessed with orange juice and have been from a very young age. Their orange juice habit is about 2 cans per week right now. The big cans. Seriously. So here’s my trick – I water it WAY down. It’s probably got double the amount of water necessary to mix it up. My boys have always had it that way and have never noticed the difference in taste of the full-strength versions at MickyD’s (on those rare eating out occasions). Try it with your juice – it might just work! The only drawback, hubby and I don’t drink it anymore. Wait, maybe that’s a good thing…

2. Cereal – not sure if you’ve noticed this yet, but no one told me that cereal is so expensive! Geesh. $4 for a small box? I know, I know, it’s a whole meal in there, but I’m cheap. So I get the store brands whenever I can. I can’t tell any difference. This is probably a DUH for most everyone but me, but I’d never had generic cereal prior to having kids. Maybe if you have older picky kids, you could fake ’em out even more by putting the generic cereal IN the brand-name box? It’s worth a try…

3. Applesauce – have you ever tried applesauce as an adult? Check the ingredients. Can you believe they put SUGAR in there? It’s already sweet enough to make my cheeks hurt! We stick with the unsweetened kind. It’s the same as the baby food version, taste-wise. And we save some more money by getting the store brand of this as well. Generic, unsweetened applesauce – yes, that’s the very definition of a frugal mom.

Now if we could just figure out what to feed ourselves, the adults…

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