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Is this what my life has come to?

I went to the dentist this week. And ENJOYED it.  

Think about it: guilt-free time off of my feet. Somebody asking me how I am doing. Am I okay?  What flavor of polish would I like. I can even catch up on my celebrity gossip with the latest People magazine.

As a working MoM, I always feel like I am not spending enough time with my kids. I am constantly making myself sick about worried about whether or not they are getting enough individual attention and whether or not I am there enough for them. So, taking any time for myself – when the children are still awake – usually comes at a high price: guilt. I have come to think of my time in the office as my “time off”.

I am blessed with a husband who knows that I consider going to work to be time off and he tries to force me to take “me” time and relax now and then. But unless I leave the house (which I usually feel too guilty to do), I can’t stop myself from responding to crying or “helping” him when he is tending to a child.

But, send me some place like the dentist and there is NO CHANCE of hearing crying. No chance of that nagging feeling to correct something that is happening. And best of all: I have to be there. This is not playtime. So I don’t feel guilty for being so relaxed reclining in that chair, feet up, music playing.

I can’t believe I am at the point where going to the dentist is something I look forward to and enjoy.  But I will take it! Other things that can make me blissfully happy at this point include: finishing an entire meal (with utensils) while sitting down at a table, drinking a cup of HOT coffee, and getting through the day without having to change my clothes more than once.  Ah…the little things!

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9 thoughts on “The Little Things”

  1. LOL, I totally know that feeling! I was at the orthodontist where they were doing molds and I enjoyed every minute of it. Yay for little quiet moments.

  2. i have yet to get the dentist in, shame on me, it sounds fun. i do get the weekly visit to my acupuncturist (well, attempted weekly visit) and i truly zone out during that 45 minute treatment. and it is hard to zone out with 4o needles stuck in your abdomen, but i can do it because i am a mom of twins and we take any opportunity that comes.

  3. I spent an hour in the OB’s office, waiting to be seen. A year ago, I would have been irate 45 minutes in….that day, I pulled out the new Entertainment Weekly, read all about Heath Ledger, put my feet up, sipped on my coffee and I was in heaven. And, honestly, a little disappointed when they called me back. That said, I also have a Saturday morning appointment at the local coffee shop (free WiFi!) where I sit for several hours, answer emails, work on my dissertation proposal and let Seth have Daddy time at home with the kiddos. It’s a win-win for all of us!

  4. I hear ya!! I said the same thing just 2 weeks ago at the dentist office……”I don’t mind waiting!!” LOL!! And I was there to have a tooth pulled! Who ever thought I’d actually be happy to wait to get a tooth pulled? I did feel a little guilty, but that passed once the pain kicked in.

  5. My first dentist appt post-baby I took a 20 min catnap in the chair. The dentist was really apologetic and I busted out with, ” I have newborn twins! Please make me sit here as long as possible!”

  6. I can so totally relate. I remember feeling so pathetic a couple of years ago, because I was looking forward to going and getting a PAP SMEAR for a good week! I had a sitter, so I actually got to go browse Target and get my eyebrows waxed while I was out.

  7. Ha ha! I can relate. I just started back in school to get a second Bachelor’s degree. I actually look forward to my chemistry class every week! Oh, DH and I recently did our taxes and the preparer took forever. We told her, no problem, we’ll wait! :)

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