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Jason and I have chosen (prior to finding out if they were I or F) NOT to dress the girls inLook Ma, No Matching! the same outfits. He is adamantly against it, due to the traumatizing effect that being dressed exactly like his younger brother, who was the same size but three years younger, had on him. I think it’s better to dress them differently to support individuality. Friends and family have all warned me that I’ll be sorry in years to come when the girls start talking and oh yeah, fighting over clothes. Oh boy. Can’t. Wait. We shall see if that’s what really happens or not. Just in case, I have bought clothes that are similar, but different colors or patterns. The way I figure it, I’m not going to designate who’s clothing is who’s, I’ll let them figure it out and if there are any issues I will do my best to keep it civil. What’s the worst that could happen?

So what about your family? Do you dress your twins alike? Are your twins fraternal or identical? Though, apparently, identical twins aren’t that identical anyway!

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20 thoughts on “Matchy-Matchy?”

  1. I have an ambivalent relationship with matching. My parents dressed me and my brother in matching outfits, despite being a year and a half apart. I usually don’t dress my b/g twins in matchy outfits, though sometimes I can’t resist (for a photo op or something). That said, I will often put them in… similar outfits. If one is wearing sort of a once-piece outfit, I’ll probably do similarly-structured clothing on the other, though they are otherwise not matchy. Make any sense? Probably not. I think I have too much time on my hands. :-)

  2. I have boy/girl twins and dress them similar. If Lily wears red, Preston wears red. Same goes for stripes, polka dots, one piece or long sleeves, etc.

  3. I’m on the same page. I never dress them the same (mine are identical). The only time I’ve ever done that is when I do a pix theme…you know when everyone is wearing white tops and jeans…but that’s the only time. It’s funny b/c my husband still thinks I’m created a complex b/c I always dress Aidan in the darker color and Christian in the lighter/remainder color. He’d rather I just let them pick their own stuff….but I’m not ready to surrender to the fact that I have grown up boys that can claim that kind of independence yet.

  4. I also decided before birth not to dress my twin boys in matching outfits. But of course, despite making my feelings known, a few outfits came along from family anyway and I found that it was in fact rather cute. My boys look so different that it’s never an issue of them looking the same, they don’t even wear the same size. At this point I think the only matching items they have are one pair of pjs and that was just because they were on sale.

  5. I did both — sometimes it was just plain easier to dress them alike. As soon as they were old enough to express a preference, I let them choose. Sometimes they liked the same things, sometimes they liked variations of the same thing, and sometimes they liked different things. Now they choose to dress disimilarly, although they do sometimes swap clothes.

  6. i do not dress our boys in the same outfits because we have very little of those coming up at the resale shop where i pick up most of their clothes. having said that, when i do go in to stock up i seem to find very similar clothes and i have found exact matches which i do buy because what are the odds, really? it is meant to be. i have a lot of clothes that i buy in ‘bulk’, boy or girl you have to check out american apparels karate pants for babies (amazon has the best price i have found by far)(they make your babies look like bowlegged cowboys and there is nothing cuter than that as far as i am concerned). so, yeah, they dress alike but not exactly the same. and they are about the same size, though fraternal and very different weights at birth, now they seem to be a few ounces apart, so everything gets shared.

  7. I dress my fraternal girls in similar clothing. We got a lot of similar things as baby gifts. I don’t know why I do it but I do dress them in the matching outfits we do have at the same time. Luckily we don’t have many matching outfits. I dress my boys a like sometimes too and they are 21 months apart. Mostly for church or when we go some where that it makes it easier to keep track of them.

  8. I dress my girls in simular or matching outfits. It does not have to be the same but if one wears jeans – the other one has to wear jeans. Now girls pick their own clothes and they pick matching outfits every time. Even if I wanted to – I could not put different outfits on them. Girls are only two and a bit.

  9. I dress my fraternal girls alike almost all the time. I just think it’s really cute, and they’re still little enough where I can get away with it. Now that they’re three, they pick out their own clothes for the most part, and some days, they dress completely differently, and other days, they intentionally dress the same.

  10. I dress my identical boys (11 months) alike or similar–if it’s a matching outfit, then they both wear it. If I have similar things, they get dressed similarly (i.e. different colored turtlenecks and sweat pants.). This is partly due to function: it’s cold and we have a limited number of “cold outfits,” or we’re heading to church and we have a limited number of church outfits. It’s easier to keep the laundry straight and know that we’ll have clothes available for the next outing. I DO put something different in the mix when we’re heading to church/play dates/etc. so other people can tell them apart (different socks, different cardigans, etc.).

  11. I was against matching before they were born, but people bought us so many nice things, it seemed a shame not to do it every now and then.

    I match them one day a week – and sometimes for special occasions. They’re 2 1/2 now and starting to fight over outfits.

  12. Like Goddess In Progress, I tend to dress my b/g twins similarly, though not matching.

    I’m far more likely to dress my 4yo daughter to match my girl twin! Though some of you here have just enlightened me as to how damaging that can be in years to come. Ok, ok, so after the first year or two, I’ll stop. I promise.

    The mom on Super Quads (identical quads, how wonderful!) says she dresses them the same everyday because it makes laundry/sorting/folding easier. I can see that argument. Hey, we should find her and invite her to read the blog everyday! :)

  13. When I was a child my parents dressed my sisters and me (we are triplets) in the same outfits with different colors. My great grandmother would buy us some very expensive clothing (I remember some nice Rothschild coats that were later distributed to girl cousins) that my mom would put us in that completely matched. My sisters and I are very different and once we started dressing ourselves we didn’t wear matching outfits but we did share clothes. It wasn’t damaging in any way – pretty practical for a family without a lot of money and easier to keep track of clothes when we were little. We each had a color scheme – I was blue/green, oldest sister was red/pink and middle sister was yellow/purple. As long as you treat your kids as different and don’t compare them (my mom was great about that), I hope we are a testiment that they will turn out fine. I’m expecting 2 babies end of this summer and I try not to even think of them as the “twins”. I’m sure I will get plenty of matching outfits as gifts but am not concerned about dressing them the same.

  14. I tend to put my identical girls (almost 2 1/2) in similar outfits but different colors. Mostly this is for ease in keeping them comfortable temperature wise. Today they are both wearing jeans, turtlenecks, and sweatshirts in different colors/styles.

  15. I am having b/g any day now, and do not plan on dressing them the same. I have a 18 mo. DD and have a few things that I will dress the girls in that match. Just a couple things. Since the twins aren’t my first. I already have tons of clothes from DD #1 and don’t really have any matchy stuff for DS.

  16. I almost never dress mine alike. When people have given us matching outfits they wear them on separate days. Although I do think it’s cute when others do it, I just can’t do it myself!

  17. I have identical 20-month old girls. I usually dress them in similar outfits in different patterns or colors. Each of them ‘owns’ that outfit – it’s the only way I can tell them apart in pictures sometimes because I know which outfit belongs to which baby. They do wear matching outfits occasionally but those outfits are gifts that we received. I also tend to buy matching dresses for pictures so that they don’t yell at me someday because one of them got the green dress and the other got the pink dress. When they’re older I’ll let them decide for themselves if they want to dress alike or completely different.

  18. I also vowed not to dress my now 20-month-old fraternal girls alike, to encourage their individuality, and will continue to strive for that. However, when people give you clothing as gifts, they tend to give two of exactly the same thing. And when it’s an article that you don’t generally have multiples of, like winter coats or snowsuits, it’s hard to make them different, so we mix up hats, etc. Accessorize! Also, when you’re shopping and you don’t have much time and all you’re in desperate need of is long sleeved onesies, and all they have is one style in two colours, you have to compromise there. I still kind of feel like that’s cheating, but I don’t care as much as I used to!

    Another consideration is that my ma-in-law is visually impaired (but not blind), so when she takes them to a play place, she likes to have them dressed the same so she can see quickly across the room which kids are hers!

  19. Hi I have boy /girl twins and I DO NOT SEE HOW ANYONE WITH TWINS EVEN HAS TIME TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION LET ALONE TRY TO FIND THE OTHER MATCHING PINK OR BLUE OUTFIT!!!! Oh seriously though for the first two years of their life I wa sso busy I usually just grabbed the first sleeper/onesie i could find in the drawer. Obviously I did not have very many matching clothes because one was a boy and the other a girl but I often try for cteness sake to put them in similar looking or style clothes.

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