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My husband and I love to whip this little puppy out as much as we can. And I know you all know what I’m talking about. It’s called the Twin Card and I hope you all use it as frequently as I do.

I used to be the type of person that wouldn’t dare ask for help, let alone accept someone’s offer. I never felt “entitled” to anything that I didn’t earn, meaning we all live in this world and some days we get some special lovin’ from others and some days, to put it nicely, we don’t. I just never felt that I deserved special treatment over anyone else. That is, until I had twins.

When our boys were first born, I was shocked by how much it just naturally came out. “We have 3 week old twins at home, do you think you could _______ (fill my prescription right away, open up another cash register, let me cut to the front of the line, etc.).” I guess at first I used it more or less out of sheer desperation. And it was amazing how well it worked! I was astonished how people automatically said, “Oh you poor thing. Of course!” and then how many of those also said, “My sister/friend/cousin has twins so I know what you are going through!” I’ll admit it, part of me resented (and still does) the whole “poor you” sentiment. But it’s out there no matter what, so I figured I might as well milk it for all it’s worth.

I’ve been diggin’ the special treatment ever since. After all, having twins I’ve actually started to feel like I do deserve it. We have used the twin card when making plane reservations and requesting seats across the aisle from one another, and better yet, getting a whole row to ourselves. We’ve used it to get out of a late payment or two (I know…shame, shame!). We use it to haggle lower prices and get discounts. And you just never know what can happen when you whip out your twin card. It’s like flashing your automatic entrance into a secret society, and other members of that society (for the most part), just know how to treat you right. It opens doors, gets you clients, introduces you to new and fabulous people. You just never know.

Of course, there’s no need to flash the card when you have your kids on hand – it’s a given (well, to most). And it’s remarkable how much extra help I’m offered when out and about with them. Doors are opened, cashiers and baggers ask to take my groceries to the car, even strangers offer to load bags into the trunk. I used to NEVER take people up on this kind of help in the beginning (because, damn it, I could do it all! And having twins isn’t really that hard!), but now I relish it. Because every little bit helps and gosh, it sure is nice watching someone else do the heavy lifting for a change.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you just need a little help, try pulling out your twin card and see what happens. It’s just one of the many “perks” we get being parents of multiples. You might be surprised what happens when you’re a card carrying member!

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9 thoughts on “The Twin Card”

  1. I do it too. Usually in one of those “would you please cut the crap” kinds of situations. The sad part is how it almost didn’t work on a cross-country flight! For crying out loud, this woman was not bright…

  2. I am not sure why, but the twin card rarely works for me anymore…and it didn’t get me anywhere with the gate attendants! The older the kids get, the less remarks we get. However, someone did stop their car to talk to me because I had the kids outside in the grass today. :)

  3. I’ve been a member of the club since pregnancy. (Extra slice of pizza? Why yes! I’m pregnant…. with twins!)

    Sadly after just five weeks as a MoM I’ve found myself using the “twins card” on myself.. My house is a mess (yes, but I have twins), my waistline will never be the same (yes, but I have twins), my social life is dead (yes, but….)

    At some point I’ll have to limit the use of my “twin card” but in the meanwhile I’ll enjoy the perks!

  4. Ha this cracks me up. I had a waiter at Olive Garden carry one of my infant seats to the table for me and offer to carry them to the car when we were done (I said no thank you to the car offer). Of course I was alone so I needed the help.

  5. i carry my twin card in my back pocket (would be in my breast pocket if i had pockets on any of my shirts, but they are all t-shirts and have only spit up on them). i use it everywhere. i love my card, it is one of the crazily best parts of this whole first year. i will use it until i cannot get away with it because they go off to college or something. i will use it because we totally deserve to use it. go,team twin card!

  6. Oh my God! I am so glad I found this website and read this article. I had been feeling so guilty about using the twin card! I tried not to, tried to limit conversations at all times since time is so limited as a MOT anyway (ha! I just used it!) but I kept finding it pop out at odd times. Having been raised Catholic and being a mother in general, feeling guilty seems to come easier and easier every day. I feel guilty for wanting quiet time for myself (and I teach – I’m with kids ALL DAY LONG) or wanting to be able to “splurge” and buy myself a book once a month (“Yes, I know the boys need some new clothes because everything the have is hand-me-downs and Cassidy would really like some stickers and a new coloring book so I guess I’ll buy the new J.D. Robb next month…”) or even eat a meal at the right temperature. Now, I feel a little better about dropping the twin card. I’ve already gotten out of two PTA meetings because both boys were teething and/or had ear infections. Thanks for the feel-good!

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