The Dreaded Daycare Dropoff

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When you become a parent of multiples, the word “logistics” enters your daily vocabulary. One of my least favorite logistical activities with my twin boys is what I call the Dreaded Daycare Dropoff.  I naively thought things would get easier as the boys aged, but each stage brings a different challenges. Here’s what I’ve learned at each stage along the way.

While still in infant seats:

* Keep them in infant seats as long as possible!

* Prepare as much as possible the night before – bottles prepared and labelled, clothes picked out, extra diapers and clothes packed

* In the morning, do everything else you need to do and pack the babies last. This way, you can pack them up, put them in the car, and be on your way. No worrying about poop explosions or vomiting on clean clothes.

* When unloading them at day care, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Can someone help you unload babies? Can someone help you unload bottles? Is there a place to store your double Snap n Go and car seats on site?

Out of infant seats but not walking:

* We tried two methods over time – double stroller and single stroller while carrying another. Overwhelmingly, using the double stroller was easier because it kept our hands free for bottles, diapers, opening doors, and anything else.

* Again, prepare everything the night before and pack up the kids last.

* When arriving at day care, take the kids out first so they can begin playing while you unpack everything. Again ask for help wherever possible.

Once they are walking:

* Use the stroller for as long as you can. You will miss it!

* Decide early on if you are going to be a hand-holder or a leash-user (no judgement on either) and use these methods consistently from an early age. They are more amenable to these methods when they are younger and it will become second nature to them.

* Expect things to take just as long, if not longer. They are now full-blown toddlers and everything is interesting to them, which means lots of stopping and starting… times two.

* Expect some crying, fussing, and clinging when you leave them. Talk to your care provider about how you’d like to handle it together. Will you have the provider distract them while you exit quickly? Will you stay awhile to make them (hopefully) feel more comfortable before leaving?

* Have them help where possible. They are starting to understand directions, so can they get their coats out of the cubby? Can they line up at the door? Can they carry something while they walk?

 Now you tell us… do you have any advice on doing solo day care dropoffs and pickups?

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7 thoughts on “The Dreaded Daycare Dropoff”

  1. I’d like to keep my children in the infant seats until they go to kindergarten if possible!! Backpack on my back, one carrier on each arm and in we go. I am dreading having to put them in regular carseats. 4 more pounds….Thanks for the heads-up on what to expect :-)

  2. I stay home with my crazies, but I have always wondered how working mothers..epecially those with multiples do it! Now I know, you are all superwoman!!!

  3. I think this is excellent advice for any kind of outing. Organization, containment, and minimizing the fussiness of the kids are always the key factors. Kids go in the car(seats) last and out first. Oh, the insanity. I’m sort of not looking forward to my kids becoming mobile. :-)

  4. Sounds so very familiar…yes, kids in last on the carseat issue…ok, may sound yicky, but in that beginning stage between when they are actually going potty and not, don’t change the twins first and then give them breakfast…leave them in their jammies, feed them their breakfast, give them their milk, and voila, they will definitely poop before you change their diapers…you save on diapers and only have to do 1 diaper change before rushing out the door with their lunch, sheets, blankets etc….

  5. I actually do daycare in my home, there are 7 of us total including the twins! Its definetley easier to leave in the carseats, that way at pickup if its the same time everyday I like to get the baby in the carseat for the mom so all she has to do is walk in and walk out. Toddlers are for sure a little trickier, if the door is close enough to the car, ive had a mom who did one at a time. Its always a good idea to keep a routine to each morning instead of sneaking out! Even if it means the mom taking a minute and doing an activity with the child, as long as it stays routine they should be just fine! I couldnt imagine running two out every morning, im very lucky to just have to run downstairs and get them dressed and were done!!

  6. I had problems because i have 1 year old twins and a 3.5 year old. The logistics of getting them all out of the car and safely in the door was may major worry. I finally got it down pat. I take one twin out(they are on the sides and the big girl is in the middle car seat)…i unsnap the 3.5 year old..she gets out and meets me around on the other side(where the other twin is for me to pull out). While holding the one in my arms…i unsnap the other and pull her out not so delicately(since i’m already holding 20lbs of baby) and the the 3.5 year old grabs my arm and i help her jump out while holding on to her. Then she holds either my pant leg or is somehow touching me to where i can feel her and she’s not running through the parking lot. It’s really HARD! Then when i pick them up i go get big girl first. We walk to the twins room and they walk all the way to the front door…then i scoop both up…push the door open..while once again big girl is holding on to me. I let big girl in first as i somehow manage to open up the door while holding both girls in my arms..she gets in car seat. Then i shove both twins inside on the floor board(i do this so no one eacapes b.c i’ve tried other things and they just don’t cooperate unless they are confined to the small area under the car seat on the floor board. So i put one in and keep my body up against the car so the other one doesn’t jump out. Then i pick up the other one and take her around to the other side. SO far, this is the best option for me. It works well…i don’t worry about a child getting run over by a car and slipping away from me. BUT i’d love to hear from others who have twins and a older child…or triplets! Just someone with 3 kidos to get out to the car all by yourself! It’s hard…but it’s getting easier now that i have a system down! :)

  7. I have twin 9 month old boys and a 4 year old daughter. We went to the double stroller for day care drop off and I can’t imagine anything that might work better. We got a cheap (yeah right!) double umbrella stroller and I hang the boys’ bottle/supply bag over a handle, drape my daughter’s blanket over the handles, and get my 4 year old to hold the door open. I am sure that we make an amusing sight for the other parents (probably not as amusing as my postpartum butt hanging out the side of my van when I climb in to buckle two babies in as well as their older sister – but I digress) but it has become a surprisingly efficient process.

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