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Anyone following the NCAA Men’s tournament? Anyone watch the Stanford vs. Marquette game? Brook LopezThey couldn’t stop talking about the Lopez twins (no, not Lopez as in J.Lo). Robin and Brook Lopez are sophomores at Stanford. They are apparently stars of the team, and it was Brook’s incredible shot from a step behind the backboard that gave Stanford the last-minute 82-81 overtime win. Oh, and did I mention that they’re both seven feet tall? Holy crap. My kids aren’t even walking yet, and they take over the house. I can’t imagine two 7-foot-tall teenagers in the house.

As usual, the commentators couldn’t stop talking about the “Lopez twins,” as if they were a single unit. Sports commentators are not immune from the twin fascination thing. Admittedly, there they are… both extremely tall, both athletically gifted in the same sport, both at Stanford. But still, I can imagine that teeny part of me, if I was their mom, being simultaneously extremely proud of my sons, and cringing just a little bit every time they were referred to as a single unit instead of two individuals.

Yes, I’m probably over-doing it here. I mean, you can’t blame people. And they aren’t incorrect, these two guys and my kids and the other kids of moms on this site are, in fact, twins. It’s the truth. And here these two are, playing the same sport together, both talented and dominating. Yet every time the ESPN guy kept referring to the “Lopez twins doing this,” or the “Lopez twins doing that,” a small part of me was annoyed. He doesn’t talk about other players two at a time. Or if he does, both of their names are said “Jones and Smith run up the court,” etc. I think I just worry sometimes that the individual accomplishments of my children will get slightly dulled because they’re always talked about together.

Then again, I think the likelihood of both either of my kids playing Division-I sports is, shall we say, slim. So I guess I won’t have to worry too much about the ESPN guys not giving them enough individual credit…

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2 thoughts on “Big kids”

  1. Yeah, people referring to them as “the twins” always makes me cringe a little bit.

    Since I don’t follow basketball, I hadn’t heard of these twin! What fun.

  2. My family watched this game as well. I had the same thoughts. The camera showed their mom at one point. It’s hard to imagine how that experience would be – she’s probably had many, many experiences at this point with the two of them playing at the same high school (presumably) and now at the same college. I do wonder how the boys do it, playing basketball with each other. They must play well together. LOL.

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