Oh Gross!

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(Just a little something to make you laugh, copied from my personal blog: adventuresintwinparenting.blogspot.com)

Allow me to set the scene this morning…

Breakfast was oatmeal and applesauce, pancakes and banana’s. Both Faith and Jonathan were covered in a sticky glue of banana, with pancake adhering too all areas where the banana had been. They were an absolute mess. So, I cleared my kitchen counters, and ran water in the kitchen sink. I think this is only the second time I have tried this, but I was desperate, and I really didn’t want to leave a crumb trail taking them upstairs to the big tub.

Thankfully, the baths went pretty well. Dried each baby off, and dressed them in their diapers. I decided that since they were playing so quietly, I could get the bottles washed and kitchen cleaned before I dressed them fully.

As I am finishing up in the kitchen, and preparing to tackle the messy highchairs, I see Jonathan pull himself into a standing position, using Faith’s diaper. I told him not too pull down her diaper, and caught a suspicious whiff of something foul.

I detour to the play room, and decide to change the owner of the smelly diaper, when I see Jonathan holding something centimeters away from his mouth. It looked like a squished bean, and as my hand reaches out to grab the “bean” away from his open mouth, my brain is shouting “but we haven’t had beans this week.”

“What an odd looking little bean…” I think to myself, as I take a identifying sniff. Yep, poop! Poop that he plucked out of the back of her diaper and almost ate!!!

I am so grossed out, but would have been more so if he had poop breath later in the day.

I formally announced to Faith and Jonathan (after scrubbing my hands in scalding water), that they must wear clothes at all times, because they obviously can’t be trusted to not eat poop.

I am still shuddering.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Gross!”

  1. Ew ew ew! And, reminds me of the case of the “poop shedding baby” from a month ago, where the baby was crawling around the playroom, and, unbeknownst to us, leaving little pieces of poop behind. I couldn’t figure out why there was still a poopy smell after I changed him, until I saw him try to eat a small “something” off the floor. This incident was then followed by the wild “poop hunt”, with the lights on full blast and I crawling on the floor, looking for poop. Ew ew ew. (Did you ever think that you would tell a story using the word “poop” that many times?)

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