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Ah, the perfect double stroller…just like socks that stay on newborn feet and sippy cups that don’t leak, the perfect double stroller is a mommy myth. The Moms discussed strollers behind the scenes to put together a list of pros and cons of some of the most popular double strollers on the market.

Combi Twin Savvy

Pros: Very lightweight. Wheelchair width so it easily goes anywhere you go. Folds up easily to the size of a golf bag. Wheels can lock in place or swivel. Seats independently recline.

Cons: Very difficult to access storage underneath. Poor sunshades. Straps are difficult to adjust. No snack tray, but cup holders can double as snack trays.

Overall rating: Highly recommended.

Graco DuoGlider

Pros: Front to back, so it is extremely narrow. Can be used during both the newborn and toddler phase. Full snack and cup trays. Lots of storage. Inexpensive.

Cons: Heavy. Difficult to turn as children grow. Limited seat recline adjustments. Large even when folded.

Overall rating: I hesitate to rate this stroller because it got such mixed reviews from The Moms. I used one on vacation and hated it because my kids would kick seats and pull hair. LaLa Girl thought it felt like pushing a flatbed cart at Home Depot. Cheryl and Lissa loved theirs passionately.

Maclaren Twin Traveller

Pros: Very sturdy. Folds easily and compactly. Seats independently recline. Wheelchair width. Available in trendy colors, including blue/pink for boy/girl twins.

Cons: No cup holders or snack tray. Heavy. Poor sun shades. Has individual parent handles instead of one long bar (pro or con, not sure).

Overall rating: Highly recommended.

Peg Perego Aria Twin

Pros: Wheelchair width. Easy to fold and unfold. Seats independently recline. Full snack tray. Lots of easy access storage.

Cons: Only folds in one dimension, so it is still full-width when folded. Not easy to manuever one-handed. Brakes sometimes take two tries to “catch”.

Overall rating: Highly recommended.

With no clear “winner”, what is a parent to do? I believe the reason there is no perfect stroller for everyone is because everyone’s stroller usage will be different. Instead of looking to ratings, I recommend considering how you will be using the stroller. What do you need out of a stroller? How often will you use it? Will you be shopping frequently? Will you be walking outside? How big is your trunk? After considering what you need, stop by a store and try them out. Do you feel comfortable pushing them? Do your kids like it? Do you like it?

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12 thoughts on “Product Review: double strollers”

  1. So true, there really isn’t one “best” stroller out there. Everyone likes different things. I know some people (I was one of them) likes to just research things online or on paper and come to the “right” decision. But with strollers, I really don’t think there’s any way of getting around the “test drive” to make your final decision.

    (Apparently I’m into quotation marks this morning…)

  2. we had the snap and go thingy then went to the BOB revolution stroller once they were a little older. we go trail walking a lot so the BOB was the logical choice as it has suspension, etc. it was truly hated by one of our little guys for awhile, but at 11 months they seem to have settled into a truce with it. they sit side by side and check in with each other and steal toys etc, hair not within reach, thankfully. it steers so well and navigates challenges in a great way but has A) no snack cups or those things, B) has no storage so it is not good for shopping. if you love the trails and walking this is it. i hope it will carry us through the next few years too.

  3. At first we purchased a tandem Combi so that we could snap their infant carriers in but not have to worry about buying another stroller as they got older. If I’d only known that a few months for the road that whomever was in the backseat would be kicking and feverishly pulling her sisters hair. Sold the tandem and got the Combi Twin Savy side-by-side. Although I can’t get into places in stores the way I could with the tandem I still prefer it!

  4. We did so love our DuoGlider…used it from day one until our Duo being Glided was just over 4…and they continued (lazy little boogers) to ask for it even after that! My hat is off to Laura for her diplomacy in neutrality on the stroller 😉 It’s like a tomato…love ’em or hate ’em…no middle ground.

    We did suffer a few episodes of the “back-of-the-head smacks” to the front sitter. At that point, I’d throw Graco’s recommendations (re: heavy baby in front) to the wind and switch our babies’/toddlers’ positions. Surprisingly, for us, that usually worked.

    At times I’ve even been embarrassed to admit I adored mine — it’s the subject of such revulsion to so many, figure it’s comparable to admitting I like Circus Peanuts…but I can honestly tell you my arms never looked better from all that unstructrured upper-body workout!

    Should mention that my precious hubby when the babes were about 2-ish did buy us a BabyTrend jogging stroller (more for strolling, less for jogging) that in truth we used MAYBE four times. For us, too wide (we were spoiled by the narrow DuoGlider), too hard to steer and collapse, and it kept getting flat tires! (What twin mama wants to have to pump up stroller tires…yikes!)

    Thanks for a wonderfully comprehensive post, Laura!

  5. We have registered for the Duo Glider, but I’ve also hear the snap & go base is great, because it’s so light. I was at a sample sale today & one woman just had the regular Graco and all I could think about is that there would be no way I could fit the Duo in such a tight space. I guess that’s what the Baby Bjorns will be for or they can stay home with Dad! My husband really wants the Bob double stroller to use in the neighborhood and when I start running again. It’s pricey, but everyone I’ve met with one loves it.

    Thanks for the reviews!

  6. We have the side-by-side from Inglesina and a Snap-n-Go. I have to say that I love the Inglesina, it’s so lightweight and maneuvers so nicely. For those times when you have to go grocery shopping with both, it’s so much better than the snap-n-go b/c I can push it with one hand and pull the cart with the other without it being a major headache. I shopped long and hard before I got this stroller – there’s way too much information out there! I finally just dove in and committed – I don’t regret it at all. I also have a Tike Tech double jogger that I love. My biggest recommendation is to look before you need so that you can shop around, I got both on clearance b/c they were models from the previous year and that saved me a ton of money.

    The only pitfall for the Inglesina and any side-by-side double is that the storage stinks compared to the snap-n-go and some of the Graco models. I don’t even have room for my diaper bag under the stroller. Oh well, with both of them in it, they weigh enough combined that I can hang it off the middle handle. Oh, I also found a Maclaren universal organizer that adds more storage along with cup holders to the back – yeah!

  7. We have two, the Graco DuoGlider and the Peg Perego Aria Twin. I like both and switch back and forth between them depending on where we’re going and how much maneuverability/storage space I’ll need for the journey. Sure, the kicking and hair-pulling are challenging in the Graco, but I love that huge storage bin!

  8. I started with a snap-n-go – it was great, but it became hard to steer once my twins got heavier. I bought a used Duo Glider that was so diffcult, I started to hate it. I decided to get another and bought the Contour Options Tandem after trying out several. I like this newer one from Kolcraft. There is only one wheel on each side in the front, so they don’t get stuck on everything. It handles very nicely, can take one carseat (you can buy a second attachment separately). What I don’t like is that you have to remove one of the seats in order to fold it. You can put either seat facing front or back, though. It is also a bit heavy – and so hard to get into the back of a mini-van. I also have a side by side stroller that is just too large, gets caught on the door frames in my house (I had been using it for feeding time). I appreciate everyone’s comments.

  9. I work at Graco and ran across your blog. I wanted to let you know that there’s one additional double stroller that we introduced recently — the Quattro Tour Duo. We received a lot of similar feedback on the DuoGlider (especially on its large size) so the Quattro Tour Duo was made to address some of the concerns. It folds more compactly than the DuoGlider and is easy for Mom and Dad to manuever with uniquely shaped handles. It is still on the heavier side, but does retain the large storage basket. Anyway, just thought I’d mention it so you can check it out if you’d like.

    –Amy (from Gracobaby)

  10. If there is one item I could not live without, it would definitely be my Mountain Buggy Urban Double stroller. I never intended to get infant car seats that doubled as carriers, so I had no need for a stroller that would accommodate car seats. I didn’t want to have to purchase more than one stroller for different uses, so I went with a stroller that could do it all. Whether we’re walking on the beach, running, or shopping, my MB is a champ. I can literally steer it with one finger! Love, love, love my MBUD!

  11. We had the Kolcraft Contours Double, front to back stroller and loved it. You will read that it is oh so heavy, it is bulky, it is this and that…but we loved it!
    First, it is heavy and it only come with 1 car seat attachment. We didn’t have fancy carseats so I just put the babies right into the stroller from day 1. The seats reclined and folded to the point that they were like little carriers. I lifted that thing in and out of our van a week post c/s. Probably not my best move, but I had mommy power, or lack of sleep power! And the seats could face forwards, backwards, each in one direction or they could face each other. The last was perfect for sunny outings because 1 blanket could cover both.
    I could go grocery shopping using only the bottom basket. Oh, I loved those trips.
    There is a grab on for older kids on both sides. Great for trips without dad, because I could have our older son holding on without messing with the steering.
    It was great on all kinds of terrain. I miss it. Somewhere along the way they just seemed to be too big and it was too easy to grab the one sitting up front.

  12. Another good double stroller is the Joovy Caboose. It’s actually a sit and stand model which works great if you have a toddler who sometimes likes to ride and sometimes likes to walk. He can easily get on and off the stroller. The Caboose can also accommodate many different infant car seats. They work great for parents of multiple aged children.

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