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At some point, most multiple parents consider a jogging stroller. The sticker shock can be, for lack of a better word, shocking. And unlike a double umbrella stroller, there are so many options to consider.  How big should the tires be? Do I need a fixed front wheel or a swivel wheel? Does more money really buy me better features?

Rather than trying to answer all of these questions, I am going to suggest something crazy. Don’t waste your time looking for all these answers on the internet. Give the people at a call. Not only do they have a 1-800 number to answer all of these questions, they have Live Help and quick turnaround on email questions. If you are going to spend a significant amount of cash on a product, why not spend a few extra minutes talking to an expert? How often do you get advice like this for free?! They are not tied to a particular manufacturer so they can answer your questions honestly.

Before I bought my stroller, I called to ask all my questions. I already had a hand-me-down Kelty that I found difficult to use and I wanted to know what (if anything) would make the BOB Revolution easier for running. I wanted to know why you have to lock the front wheel for running. I wanted to know how big it was when fully folded since we only have a Toyota Corolla. Did I need 12″ wheels or 14″ wheels? With my planned usage, would fat or thin tires be better? I spent 30 minutes on the phone discussing different models and features. Again, picking the right stroller for you highly depends on your needs.

Two of the most popular double jogging strollers are the BOB Revolution Duallie and Mountain Buggy Urban Double (MBUD). You rarely hear people say anything negative about these strollers for good reason – they are awesome. But that awesomeness comes with a high sticker price.  They are both wheelchair-width, easy to turn, and easy to fold (although the MBUD is significantly easier). The Revolution’s front wheel can be locked for running or swivel for walking, while the MBUD is not designed for running. 

I was planning to wait until Saturday for the review but Babycenter is having a 10% sale on all BOB strollers for the next two weeks. It is extremely rare to see these strollers on sale, so if you are considering one at all, now might be the time to purchase one. The money you save on the stroller could go to purchasing a BOB stroller diaper bag, BOB handlebar console (a must buy), or BOB weather shield (all also 10% off!). Shop BOB at Babycenter HERE. If you spend more than $49, use the code FREESHIP49 for free shipping.

If you have jogging stroller questions, comment on this thread and I will update this post!

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5 thoughts on “Product review: jogging strollers”

  1. I have an Instep Safari double jogger, around $250 at Walmart, that I like a lot. It’s wide and doesn’t fit through doors easily and I don’t actually use it to jog, but it is an absolutely perfect, lower cost alternative for the twin mom who just wants an all terrain stroller for tooling around the neighborhood, zoo, etc. We live in a subdivision that shares lake beach access, and I use it to walk on dirt/gravel road, pavement, sand, grass, and lots of hills. Works great for me when I am pushing my duo for exercise and enjoyment.

    I also own an “errand” SBS Chicco that stays in my van. The jogger is parked in the garage as we mostly use it around the neighborhood.


  2. I’ve already professed my love for my MBUD which has been my only stroller since the boys were born. I do use it occasionally for jogging and love it, but I love it even more for everyday use. One tip- purchase your MBUD at the end-of-the-year when all the “old” models go on sale. I’m pretty sure you save around $100.

  3. i love my BOB. we were lucky to be gifted with it by my stellar m-i-l and I have never regretted the choice. i use it daily and it goes well in all shopping situations because of the width, but it really rocks the trails because of the suspension. Only thing is there is little to no storage. it has taught me to pare down what we take along, a good lesson.

  4. I bought the MBUD when my boys were 13 months old. I did save a little by buying last years model. I have to say, I wish now that I would have bought it right when my little guys were born, this is my third stroller, and the only one I have loved. When you think about all the money that you spend buying strollers that you are not quite happy with….buy the best and only buy once.

  5. Great choice on the BOB Revolution over the Mountain Buggy Urban double. Not only can the BOB be used as a jogging stroller (as opposed to the Mountain Buggy), but it is overall a better stroller.

    Having worked in the baby industy for quite some time, the MBUD used to be the only choice for urban paretns, but since BOB indtroduced the added recline system and the infant car seat adapter it has increased in popularity. The MBUD also has one canopy covering both seats, as opposed to one for each. The suspension system on the BOB is also amazing: it pushes extremely easily.

    And it is over $150 less!

    Good luck,


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