A Toddler, and Twins, and a Newborn – oh MY!

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What do you get when you have 9-month old twins and then you find out you are pregnant again?

According to Wikipedia, you get “Irish Triplets”. As of this fall, that’s what I’ll have. I am a lucky girl.

Although two weeks ago when I found out about this surprise pregnancy, lucky is not a word I would have used. I would have gone with stressed, anxious, perhaps even something harsh, like screwed. How will we afford to diaper twins and a newborn? Oh, and then there is our older daughter. What about clothes? Childcare? Food? Will they all fit comfortably in our car?

But having had some time to reflect on my new circumstances I realize, wow, this is an amazing gift.

My husband and I had casually tossed around the idea of a 4th child. Ok, maybe it’s more fair to say that I have tossed the idea at him; he caught the idea and threw it out the window. But I always thought of it as a future endeavor. One we would undertake when some semblance of peace and order was restored to our lives. When I wasn’t changing 16 diapers a day and when we were more rested from sleeping through the night, on a semi-consistent basis.

What was I thinking? If we had actually gotten back to the point of sleeping through the night on a regular basis, having some of the children in school and being able to go shopping without buying a case of diapers – would I REALLY want to go back and start over? Maybe not. And then I would be missing out.

If there is ever a time to add a newborn, isn’t it when your life is already in complete chaos? How can I miss the sleep I will be losing, when I’m not really getting it now anyway? How can I miss going to happy hour after work or going on romantic vacations when I’m not doing that now? We have all the gear in the house and a support system already in the groove.

Aaron and Brady are too young to notice the change in Mommy (and they are too pre-occupied with each other to care) and the newborn will never know the difference. He or she will always just be from a big family. Financially, there is always a way to make it work; we just need to be creative and figure it out. Plus, we did break down and buy a minivan last year….

So, yeah, we’re lucky. It took us by surprise and it’s a good thing. We may have missed the opportunity. Sure there will be some ups and downs, but we will never again complain that anything about our lives is boring. Stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “A Toddler, and Twins, and a Newborn – oh MY!”

  1. I have Irish twins and a 9 month old surprise, and I certainly know how you feel. BTW, I had never heard the term Irish twins until last St. Patrick’s day.( Wiki rocks) I love that there’s a name for it, like it’s an illness or something. Best of luck to you, and remember to close the door to your mini-van after unloading your troop. (that’s happened one to many times)

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better about it. It’s going to be crazy, but you’ll figure it out and it will be great. What a fun, big family you’ll have! Now I just hope Alaina gets that sister she’s wanting… :-)

  3. Congratulations! I’ve never heard that term before! I have Irish Triplets, too! My twins were six months old when I found out I was unexpectedly expecting! They are fourteen months apart! I like your perspective about having another one now while it’s CRAZY anyway! What’s one more! That’s how I’ve looked at it, and it’s so true! I like that they are so close in age and won’t remember life without the others! If I’m buying diapers for 2, it might as well be 3…or more!?

  4. Congratulations! You are definitely blessed! Although our twins are barely three months old I was actually also “tossing around” the idea of “adding” a fourth blessing within the next year. Like you said, we’re already in “baby” mode and with a big sis and the twin boys we have all the clothes and baby gear anyone could ever ask for! Plus it will be wonderful when they are all old enough to play with each other. Best of luck and congrats again!

  5. Congratulations! Mine are 11/10/10 now and life is a joy. You’ll have a built-in playgroup at home. If you like “Survivor” you’ll enjoy watching the way they form and switch alliances.

    And then that great day in your life will come. I remember it like it was yesterday. The day your changing table goes out the door. You will weep with a joy you never imagined was inside you.

    Looking forward to watching your adventures unfold!

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