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“One baby crying will not disturb the other baby.”

Perhaps in someone else’s house, but not in mine.

Right now we are going on day/night #10 of no sleep in our house. Between the night terrors, the teething, and the new seperation anxiety phase at least one of the two is up screaming some time between the hours of 12 am and 5 am.

Normally, once a baby has reached a certain stage (i.e. has proven he or she is CAPABLE of sleeping through the night), I am all for letting them cry it out. Sure, I will go in and quickly check for a diaper explosion, and to make sure they are not burning up with fever or something.  But once all that checks out, I like to let them work it out on their own. Here’s the thing though: for us, that only works with one of our two babies.

When it was time (last weekend) to let Brady cry it out, we could. This is because Aaron follows the “twin rule” of sleeping through his brother’s screaming. Within two nights, Brady was back to sleeping through the night and we were pretty pleased with ourselves. But now that Aaron is the one waking up distraught – simply crying it out doesn’t work, unless we want TWO screaming babies.  Brady is much more sensitive to his brother’s cries. Or, at the very least, he’s just a lighter sleeper. So, we end up picking Aaron up. NOT what we want to do, but we have rationlized that dealing with one screaming baby in the wee hours is better than two. So, that’s what we do.

At this point we do not have an extra room so they must remain “roomies”.  What are parents of multiples to do when space is limited and they actually DO disturb one another?

I don’t have the answer…but I’m hoping someone reading this does! HELP!

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7 thoughts on “Multiple Myth #27”

  1. We keep a pack n play in our bedroom. In situations like this, we bring the SLEEPING twin into our room/pack n play and hopefully keep them sleeping into the pack n play. Crying twins stays crying in their own room and crib, to Cry it Out.

  2. We have one light sleeper (Alex) , one heavy sleeper (Nate), and one room for them. Unfortunately if they are going to room together, it would be helpful to suck it up and let them CIO together. I know it’s hard but it’s a short period of time. Even as they get older, there are so many instances where they are going to wake up.

    Even after sleep training 18 months ago, we’ve had interrupted sleep during molars, canines, vomiting illnesses, fevers, nightmares, and random wakeups. When Nate is the one waking up, it’s nice to know we can tell Alex – go back to sleep – and not have to pick him up.

    But this is all moot if they are truly in need (teething). We pick them up and soothe them.

    Even if we don’t have a solution, we’ve all been there! After the fall time change, my boys cried an hour every night at bedtime no matter what we did.

  3. OK I know I already left a comment but I just thought of something else. Alex had a horrible horrible time with his canines and molars. Even with motrin, he would not go back to sleep after he woke up, so we had him sleep with us until he got through it so we could all sleep. After it was all over, he was fine sleeping on his own.

    Anyway that worked for us through a rough patch.

  4. Don’t know if you have the room, but what got me through some of the rough nights was a pack n play set up in the hall. When my loud baby woke in the early hours, I’d comfort her as much as I could and put her down in the PNP. Closing the door of their room so my light sleeper had a better chance of staying asleep.

    Not an ideal set up, but gets you through!

  5. We were the lucky ones…my kids rarely woke each other up.
    I think it had a lot to do w/the fact that they were preemies in the hospital for 2 months w/alot of noise and interruptions that they somewhat became use to it.

  6. I have on heavy sleeper (Hannah) and one light sleeper (Hailey) as well. One thing that happens a lot is Hailey is the one who wakes up at night so Hannah just sleeps right through it. I have done the pack-n-play in the living room for Hailey before as well.

  7. I never did the “quiet” thing for naps or bed, so my boys got used to sleeping through just about anything. I also, when they did wake each other up, I’d check on them, then let them CIO together while I went back to sleep knowing they were safe and clean just being demanding. Now, all 5 of my kids can sleep through anything, including alarm clocks.

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