Angelina's having twins too??

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Oh my goodness…another celebrity baking up a fresh new set of twin babies! Two articles today are “confirming” the rumor that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are expecting twins. Guess we’ll have to wait for an official official announcement!

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4 thoughts on “Angelina's having twins too??”

  1. I saw her confirm it with Natalie Morales on the Today Show just now, doing an interview alongside Jack Black.

    We even got a classic twin pregnancy blunder! So JB’s wife is apparently due any day with their 2nd child, and NM is also pregnant. So NM turns to Angelina and says “and what about you, you look like you’re getting close!” And she responds with “ah, I’ve still got a few months to go.” How many of us heard THAT one when we were pregnant? :-)

    Apparently Dustin Hoffman told NM that Angelina is due August 19… I believe that would make her something around maybe 26, 28 weeks?

  2. I read somewhere that twin pregnancies are now the “trendy” thing to do for celebs—who knew we were all being trendy!?

    Hehe, the “due any day” question. I got that A LOT. I think the vet was frightened one day that I would have the babies in his office, while he was giving the cat shots (never had such a quick trip to the vet). Of course, I did have them several days later, so maybe he was right to be concerned.

  3. I am really wondering what the deal is with all these celebrities having twins?!? I am thinking that there has to be some sort of planning going on to MAKE that happen, ya know? Seriously, we never heard of this many twin mommies before, did we? Seems like it all started with Julia Roberts and since then, who knows how many? Personally, I think they are paying their MD’s to give them drugs to make them more fertile, even if they dont necessarily have any fertility issues… thats just my weird conspiracy theory. :) Well, at least they dont have to worry about the financial issues with having multiple babies, so I guess they can handle it. Best wishes to Angelina~

  4. According to reports both Brad and Angelina have twins in their families. But yes, it’s confirmed, and reports also say her due date is August 19th

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