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There are conflicting reports out there, one saying that Angelina Jolie has given birth to two girls, one saying it’s not true and she’s resting at her fabulous new home in France.  According to what I’d heard, her due date was August 19, which would make her 28 weeks… so I’m really, really hoping the reports are not, in fact, true.

I guess even celebrities aren’t immune from the preemie risk.  Fingers crossed for all the pregnant ladies out there…

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6 thoughts on “Let the speculation begin”

  1. I’m hoping that either the rumors of her birth are false or that the due date of August 19 wasn’t accurate. (It seems like celebrities often lie about their due dates so that they can give birth in relative peace.)

  2. Perez just posted a correction, so it looks like it’s not true. They said that Entertainment Tonight got their story wrong.

  3. I remember being pregnant at the same time as Madonna and how I related to everything they said about her in the news. I imagine a lot of twin moms out there are looking at Angelina’s pregnancy the same way. You always feel a little bond with those celebrity kids and their moms because you went through it at the same time.

  4. I think my husband secretly thought I would like as good as her while carrying twins. Yeah, right. Celebrities often give out false later due dates to throw off the media. Seems like her pregnancy is going well – she doesn’t seem tired in any photos nor has swollen ankles so I’m sure she’s taking care of herself. Must be easier for her with all that help. I always feel bad for pregnant moms with other kids – how do you take care of them and yourself!

  5. Ok, just read there is a disclaimer. I hope that is true.
    How awful if she gave birth so early, although I have to say from all you read, she has been having “problems” supposedly and yet, not slowing down her lifestyle.
    How very scary!
    Somehow you never hear about the celebs spending 6 months on bedrest..wonder why that is? You think they just ignore their doctors???

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