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We are in the middle of reorganizing our den for the benefit of the kiddos. It has served as a sort of office for me and M since we moved into this house, nearly three years ago. My desk and computer on one end of the room, his on the other. Last July, in the waning weeks of my pregnancy, my dad and M set up the Pack & Play, and it took up residence in there as well, to the left of my desk.

When they first came home from the hospital, they would sleep there, even combined coming nowhere close to the weight limit of the bassinet. Their cries weren’t yet so loud, so we had the base of the monitor right in there, next to their heads. They got older and stopped napping in there, and the bassinet turned into something of a laundry/junk basket, but we still used the attached changing table for about 95% of diaper changes. Almost two months ago, we removed the bassinet (finally) and used it as a handy playpen, or a contained space for them to sit and drink their bottles. But now that we’re making 2/3 of the room dedicated to them, the Pack & Play is becoming redundant.

At any rate, I was looking forward to this little mini-remodel. I took a trip to IKEA last month to get a desk to relocate both computers to one end of the room, but it has been sitting in the basement ever since. Waiting for me and M to get our act together and de-clutter and rearrange. We’re a little lazy that way. But with Rebecca moving faster every day and Daniel toying with the idea of crawling, it’s way overdue. And so, this weekend, we made some progress. The first step? Disassembling the Pack & Play. There were two amazing things about this. The first is how much bigger the room suddenly felt. I was so used to it, I almost forgot how huge it was.

The second unexpected consequence of removing the behemoth was a sudden wave of bittersweet feelings on my part. It’s funny, because it was possibly one of the first times I have actually felt sad about waving goodbye to one of my kids’ phases. In general, I really do not miss the newborn phase. The screaming, the unpredictability, the poor sleep… no thank you. Yes, they were cute and small. Yes, it was nice when they’d almost automatically fall asleep in their carseats and stay that way for more than five minutes. But now… even when they’re crabby because all they want me to do is hold their hands while they stand up, I’d take this phase over the newborn phase every single time. Sitting, crawling, laughing, babbling… I love it! That’s why it was such a surprise to me to feel badly about putting away this icon of their infancy. The first of many times I’ll feel this way, I’m sure.

And the new playroom? Um, yeah, still in progress. A certain crabby little girl with a 103-degree fever didn’t exactly leave us with a lot of free time this weekend. Eventually, though, I swear…

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One thought on “Transition”

  1. I’ve remodeled our furniture and rooms AT LEAST three times since my girls were born. Seriously, I still can’t find the perfect scenario. I’m not sure it exists, actually. I have moved the computer 3 times; the living room furniture 6 times and their entire room once. Considering a total revamp of our playroom — which I plan to blog about — and moving the office AGAIN to a place more functional.

    I happen to feel that homes were not designed for two babies and that it is always a constant struggle for parents of multiples.

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