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One of the moms at HDYDI mentioned discovering nummy nums. Hmm. Nummy nums? This was not a product I’d heard of before, but she raved about them, so off I went to my trusty friend the internet to do some research. And, this is what I discovered!

A mom, in search of yummy, fresh baby food, created her own line of babyfood with six scrumptious flavors. Seriously, I want to eat this food! There is strawberry banana puree, sweet peas with potatoes and leek, roasted sweet potato puree, orzo pasta with bolognese sauce, broccoli, white cheddar & quinoa pilaf & mango vanilla puree. It helps that she was an instructor at a culinary school at the time—and explains why my homemade babyfood doesn’t turn out quite like this!

The babyfood is made fresh, then frozen in cubes (much like homemade babyfood) and can be thawed cube by cube as you need it. It’s not cheap, but certainly looks delicious! Check it out yourself at:

Has anyone else tried these? Comments to share with the rest of us? I’m a bit sad my guys are past the babyfood stage….they would be intrigued by these, but are much more into food they can eat with their little fingers. Pasta. Cheese cubes. Olives. Pears. Bananas.

Have a food tip for HDYDI moms? Write it in the comments

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3 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Foodie find of the week!”

  1. Hey Ladies!

    I had not heard of nummy nums, but they sound amazing!

    We are deep in the middle of the baby food stage right now, and have been experimenting with mixing home made and purchased baby food. The basics are fine, but I find my home made food is either runny or lumpy. One of our favorites lately has been apple-pumpkin puree. I use store bought organic pureed pumpkin and blend it with home made mashed granny smith apples. I’ve actually had several servings of this one myself, it’s actually very good!

    I’ve found that blending a fruit and veg together sometimes helps with consistency, but other than that, I could use some tips myself. I’ll be back for more feedback.

  2. Ooh, those look tasty! I think I’ve seen them at Whole Foods. They say 12 mos and up, though, so I’ll have to wait to try them…

    Mama Snyder: I make most of my purees in the food processor, and I think the trick to getting a smooth puree is the amount of water. Too little water, and it’s just too thick to puree. Too much, and it just spins the big chunks around. Start with less, and add only a little water at a time until you can get a good puree. You can always thin it out later. Also, a blender can sometimes do a better job.

    My favorite “odd” combinations are green beans and bananas, or sweet potato, apple, and peas. I’m all about throwing things together, in particular so they’ll eat the green stuff that they’re less fond of.

  3. My favorite odd combo is fork-mashed black beans and applesauce. The boys, surprisingly, like it. Another favorite is banana and avocado.

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