Invented by a twin mom, naturally.

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I want to show you the greatest thing ever created in the history of great things.

Temporary tattoos preprinted with your cell phone number:

You may have seen these in the most recent Parents Magazine. You may have read my post about them on my review blog. Now I’m here to tell you how great they are, after branding all my children with them at Disneyland:

All tattooed with mom's cell number

They’re awesome! Well, actually – they come off pretty easily. With a bit of scratching, they were history. I don’t know if they were reacting with our sunscreen, or what. The kids could SEE them on their arms, and you know how sometimes you just can’t help but pick at something – that’s what they did! I reapplied them to everyone, on the backs of their necks, where they couldn’t see them! When I did that, they stayed on until I removed them the next day with makeup remover. I was happy with them, especially for the price: 30 tattoos for $19.95.

You can check out all the different designs on their site by clicking their logo below:

We’re going to a big birthday party on Saturday, out in the country at a friend’s house, where they’ll be having pony rides and a jumpy castle and where there will be lots of cool stuff to distract my children and lead them away from my watchful eyes – I’ll be branding all of them on Saturday, for sure!

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7 thoughts on “Invented by a twin mom, naturally.”

  1. Brilliant! Of course, in a pinch, one could just take a sharpie marker and write the phone number on the inside of a kids arm or something. But I love the tattoo!

    I once saw a lost crying child at Disneyland – and the parent was only steps away but the crowd was so thick they couldn’t see eachother. I’ll never forget the look of utter panic on that parent’s face.

  2. I have written on my child’s arm with a Sharpie. Haha!

    I read on that tattoo site how it’s not a good idea, though, as those chemicals leech right into their little bodies.

  3. That is pretty smart! I used to work for Disney & had to do two weeks at the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground.” There was only 1 entrance / exit door, but kids were still CONSTANTLY getting lost. Probably 1 per hour. We knew that they were in the playground (we had staff at the door making sure that no child left unattended) but it was still hard to track them down.

    One little girl came up to me crying and it took me 15 minutes to find her mom. When I reunited them, they asked her if she had shown her “card” (an index card stuck in her pocket with her information on it). Of course, she had been too distraught to even remember about that! Something easily visible is a great idea.


  4. My Mother of Multiples group is about to take a trip to SeaWorld. I’m sure, with all the kids to keep track of, someone will end up wandering off. I’ll have to see whether the group thinks it’s worth investing in a set even just for the day!

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