Where has the time gone?

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We are rapidly approaching my boys first birthday and I wonder: where the hell did the year go?

When we celebrated our daughter’s first birthday, I could look back on that year and remember everything with such great detail. Her first year seemed to go on and on (in a good way) and reaching her birthday was a major, joyous milestone. I sat down and wrote her a detailed letter highlighting all her accomplishments for that year off the top of my head.

With the twins? A year, gone in the blink of an eye!

It really seems like just yesterday I was wondering if what having twins would really be like. And now I’m planning their birthday party. Where did the time go? The year has flown by and in my head, it is all one blurred, sleep-deprived memory of nursing, cuddling, ear infections (Hi Dr. P!)…wait, they’re crawling? When did they learn to stand up? THEY FEED THEMSELVES?? Holy cow!

My suggestion of the day to all new MOMs is this: blog. Or – bless you if you can find the time – scrapbook. Seem silly? It’s not. If it weren’t for my blog, I would reach their first birthday with precious few concrete memories. But when I read my blog entries and I am instantly taken back to various points in the past year and I can really re-live them. I can hear their voices, I can smell the smells (well, the good ones anyway!), I can feel them in my arms.

Surviving the first year with multiples takes takes an enormous amount of time, energy and brain-power. Creating some sort of memory collection as it happens is something you will thank yourself for in the long run.  Good luck!

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12 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?”

  1. So true! Blog, journal, whatever is the easiest way for you to record things. If that silly “baby book” works for you (it didn’t for me), rock on. But blogging has really been great that way. Though I do find it funny which little details have been recorded for posterity, and which big milestones I nearly forgot to write about. Alas, you’ll never get it all…

  2. One scrapbooking method that is VERY quick and easy is to create a photo book through Blurb. Their software is super fast to download and easy to use. (no, I don’t work for them) 😉

    I can seriously get an event’s worth of photos into the book in about 5 minutes, and that includes fixing red-eye!

    I don’t have kids yet, but I’m definitely planning on using blogging and blurb to keep records.
    :) Becky

  3. My girls just turned 9 months and when they were born I picked up two nice leather journals. When ever I have a minute I write in it. Always after their doc visits and milestones. Then in between I write my thoughts and what’s going on at that moment. I plan on putting these and some photo albums in their baby boxes.

  4. i don’t know what i would do without online photo galleries. my twins are 19 months and i have created a photo album that is currently up-to-date through month 13. my rule is that i’m not allowed to order any more photos until the last batch is in the album. of course i only have ONE album. stupid twim mommy! what happens when they both want it? 😉

  5. Truly, computers are a Godsend in documenting memories.
    In our twosome’s earliest days, I did keep lots of written notes, but starting a family website (there are SOOO many free venues out there…we used Twinstuff’s) where all the folks flung far and wide could access was truly awesome.

    Blogging now truly helps me remember things…such ease and immediacy!

    (We do have two baby books, I’ll have to reference the web docs to complete them!)

  6. Here’s a shocker. My twins turned 10 this year and I felt the same way! How did this happen? It’s part of why I started a blog.

    I remember hearing an interview with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos one day when he told how he takes a picture every single day. Could be a picture of anything. It was a discipline he developed to help him really see things. I started doing it when the kids were very small and now I’m so grateful. Great pictures, stupid pictures, they’re all just parts that make up a life and it’s amazing how the tiniest moments can spark big memories.

    My advice to moms, whether it be photos or quick blog entries or a written journal — just DO it! You can’t remember everything that you think you’ll remember.

  7. I agree, my son just turned 3 last week and during his party I kept thinking, how did he grow up so fast? My little baby is no longer a baby!

  8. Amen! My blog was started for this exact reason. Now I can go back on their blog, take the information, dates and times and transfer it to their baby books.

  9. I have had so many tell me that they do not know how I can spend so much time keeping up the blog. I don’t know how I can’t. It many ways it is my sanity. But farmost, it is my journal of the boys. I have started creating a book using Blurb and hope to finish it before the twins’ 2nd birthday in July so everyone could see why it has been so important to me.

    I LOVE scrapbooking, but, honestly, have not had a moment for it since the twins were born. I tried, but it is now put away in a closet until they go off to camp or boarding school or maybe get married (joking about the boarding school – twin toddlers is not easy and makes you joke about things like that!)

    Thanks for the comment about a picture a day – I love it!

  10. That is the main reason I started my blog. I haven’t even finished my 12 year old son’s baby book or finished scrapbooking all of his photos so I knew there was no way I’d be able to get the twins done too. I love my blog. I love being able to look back and see how far they have come. I love that when they are older they will be able to show it to their children. I’m hoping to start using Blurb each year to create a book for each of the kids so there is always a hard copy of their lives full of photos and their antics.

    I do love to scrapbook though, but honestly I tend to only make scrapbooks for the grandparents now who don’t use the internet much and have only made about 6 pages for the twins and they are nearly 2. One day I will catch up, I hope.

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