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Twins are a lot of work. They are also a lot of fun. Depending on what kind of day we’ve had, I’ll agree with either the first or second statement more strongly. They also present unique challenges to parents.

I was thrilled when Danny spoke his first real word (I’m still not sure whether the juicy “k” sound—beware of the rain of baby spit as he does this—counts as saying kitty). He said, “Mo!!!” and signed “more” vigorously at the same time. As if, perhaps, Mom is a little dim and needs some translation. I was so excited! He wanted more blueberries! “Mo mo mo!!!” became a constant in our house. More blueberries. More cheese. More cheerios. More pacifier. More toy. Hmm, more phone! (Not for Danny? That didn’t slow him down a bit!). More, more, more. Pretty soon, I was back to pushing the signing, just to stop the constant barrage of mores. At least, I thought, it’s only Danny. Abigail has stuck with her one word, that juicy “k” sound for kitty.

And then, Danny taught her how to ask for more. I heard this soft little, “mo mo mo mo!” along with Danny’s during mealtimes. It quickly got less soft and more demanding. Soon, there was a cacophany of “MOMOMOMOMOMOMO” at every mealtime. And when I tried to check my email. Or empty the dishwasher. It has evolved to mean “I want”.  And boy, do they want a lot.

Now I’m waiting for one of them to teach the other a new trick. Please? And I don’t mean the “throw the bear, paci and blanket out of the crib the minute I leave the room” trick. I know that one and I’m not a big fan. How about a new word? Some new signs? Something to distract them from the joy (headache) of yelling MOMOMOMOMO all day?

I’m still waiting…..

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4 thoughts on “Learning from each other”

  1. it just keeps accelerating, the teaching of each other. the boys are able to figure out what the other is doing, saying quickly now. the thing is, i cannot figure out what they are saying/asking for that well yet. arggg.

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