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Food related questions? Topics you’d like to see covered on Foodie Friday? Let us know in the comments or comment on the “Features” page. We’d love to hear from you!

This is going to be a brief Foodie Friday post because this is a holiday. Now, while holidays have a whole different meaning in our house post-babies (what happened days-off, really, when you’re a SAHM?), it’s still a holiday and there are potato salads to make, baby pools to fill and some lounging outside to do. Ok, so chasing babies is probably what I’ll be doing outside, but still…..

I’ve talked about starting solids before, but today I thought I’d give over a full post to one of my favorite feeding resourses. It’s free. It’s available to all (as long as you have internet access). And, it’s surprisingly close to my pediatrician’s  advice.  If your kids are 4-6 months old, and you’re about to start solids, check it out! If you’ve been doing solids for a few months, but want to find out when you can introduce strawberries (one year) or peas (six months)….log on! They even have an exotic food section for those of us who feed our kids food from other countries (see Abigail’s experience with chicken tikka masala).

Enjoy! Do you have other favorite online resources for solids? Share them with us!

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3 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Favorite resource”

  1. I lived by that website when we transitioned to solids. I found it really helpful for the age guidelines, and for how to make different things (and for reminders of other veggies to try that we don’t usually make for ourselves).

    Apologies if you have already covered this before, but an area that would be great to discuss would be cooking with young kids. We’ve been trying to do it more, but there’s always the challenge of capabilities, patience, etc. Ideas of things to make with them (muffins have been our best so far because there’s stirring and paper liners and lots of pouring) would be great, I think.

  2. I wish I’d known about that site when my girls were younger! I depended on Annabel Karmel’s books for baby-food inspiration, but took age recommendations with a grain of salt. (She follows British pediatric guidelines, rather than the American ones my pediatrician uses.)

    For a Foodie Friday, I would love to see recommendations on getting fruits and veggies into toddlers. My two-year-olds loved vegetables of all kinds until they learned to turn their noses up at them at daycare. Peer pressure starts young! I make a variety of vegetable pancakes, vegatable breads, and veggie nuggets that are successful with one of my girls, but hit and miss with the other.

  3. That was extremely helpful! We’re just starting solids over here, and I want to make sure they get a well rounded diet. I also have one of Annabel Karmel’s books, which I’ve found somewhat useful.

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