Happy Late 4th of July-Supporting our troops-Product Reviews will commence Next Week!

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Instead of a product review for today, i decided to do something a little different for this weekend’s post.

While i was watching the Thursday morning news, there was a small segment on supporting our troops, who are away fighting for our freedom. Since most of us are celebrating our countries independence day(eating yummy hot dogs and hamburgers, playing in our kiddie pools or maybe real big people pools if you are lucky enough to have one, sleeping in comfortable beds at night, popping fireworks, and in all reality living the American life) and some families have loved ones away, fighting for OUR country. I felt a bit guilty and sad that some families aren’t spending their 4th of July with their loved ones, while i was enjoying the first REAL nice, enjoyable 4th of July as a complete family. I also had this feeling that even though my oldest daughter is only 4, i need to start teaching her about giving back, as well as things we shouldn’t, but sometimes take for granted. I have to say, i’m guilty of taking our freedom for granted(and please do NOT take this the wrong way). But sometimes i Do indeed forget that we are all very fortunate and even if we don’t have tons of money, we still have our freedom, living in the good ole USA! Since I was born and raised here…sometimes it takes growing up(and becoming an adult), to realize how important it is that we do have our freedom.

I’m also, embarrassed to say, i have never done anything for our troops. I totally support them, but i only know one soldier personally, that has gone overseas, to fight in the army. I think if i had known more people personally, i would have done things differenly. Anyway, after i saw the segment on the news. i decided i needed to pitch in and help.

The segment on TV was mainly about giving back to our troops. You can give back in many ways, donate items, send money, make a care package and send it to someone you actually know, or go on line and donate. I, myself, chose to go online and donate what is most important to the soldiers…a phone call to your loved ones. This entails sending a phone card to a soldier over seas. If you know someone, you can put in the name and address, otherwise they will give the phone card to a random soldier(which i have NO IDEA how the soldier is chosen). It’s very easy to do and very safe..esp if you already have a paypal account. So with that being said, i went in and donated money to http://www.angelsstore.org. I’m sure there are many other organizations that you can donate to, it was just the first one that popped up when i typed in support our troops into google.

I am, in no way, asking everyone to donate money to a soldier, etc. I’m just really stating that it’s important during this long 4th of July weekend, to not only remember that we have our independence as a country, and eat lots of yummy food…but to also remember those that are fighting for our country and just as important are those that have lost their lives for our country.

I do not want to make this post political, because i’m not the political type. But i think everyone should, in some way, support our country. If you pray, then pray. If you have the money to donate, then donate. If you have the time to go make a care package to send, then that is great too. I’m sure anything is greatly appreciated by anyone and everyone. I also know, at the same time, we all have twins and with twins comes less money, more to buy in diapers and formula and definitely less time. SO, if you don’t have the time to do anything…that is OK! Don’t feel bad, don’t feel like you have to, and please don’t feel like i’m making anyone that hasn’t given, in any way feel guilty. That is not my point in this posting.

With that all being said, i hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!

I’ll be back next week with more product reviews. But this week, i just felt i needed to express how thankful i am to have my freedom & of course, my family.

BTW, why is it that once your child hits 3 or 4, they feel the need to make faces at the camera instead of sit still for the whole 2 seconds it would have taken me to get one good picture! :)

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4 thoughts on “Happy Late 4th of July-Supporting our troops-Product Reviews will commence Next Week!”

  1. With many friends and family members fighting over seas your post really hit home. Soldiers do not get free calls home and must pay for them. The calls are at least 21 cents per minute! For some of them this is very difficult to afford but they really do need to have that verbal support from their friends and family. Thank you for letting everyone know about this great organization.

  2. Thanks for this post. My husband spent 7.5 years in the Army, including two 15-month tours in Iraq. He’s now in the National Guard. He missed out on our girls’ lives from age 5 months to 20 months.

    My husband felt uncomfortable receiving generic care packages from strangers and people eying him as a leper in uniform and greeting him with an awkward “Thanks for your service.” What I would find meaningful is people educating themselves about the wars this country is fighting, and voting in an educated way.

    The gift my husband and I found most touching and useful was a dinner for two at Carabbas a few months after he got home. The gift was from the restaurant manager, but we never met him, or even had the opportunity to thank him. He simply left vouchers good for one meal with my doctor, who takes military insurance and therefore sees quite a few military families. It was the first date we’d had in two years!

  3. Thanks for this post. On behalf of my husband I appreciate it seeing as he’s currently doing a year long tour in Iraq. He only left 2 weeks ago so it’s going to be a long year.

    I think a lot of people forget the importance of this holiday. It’s nice to know that some people do remember.

    I gave a donation to the USO yesterday so that I soldier would get a 60 minute calling card to call home.

  4. My brother is a sailor and is on his first deployment and somehow managed to get picked as a 4-H project (for lack of a better explanation). He has also received care packages and while at first surprised he loved both. These are bright distractions during his 15 hour days many times followed by 5-6 hour watches. Anyway, my roundabout post here is just to say thanks for donating, the awkward greetings/thanks, the $20 pressed into his hand to do something fun. It acknowledges his sacrifice and the role he (and all the others) are playing in protecting the freedom we enjoy. I definitely think it’s important that our children know what the 4th truly stands for, those who made/make it happen, and what fireworks really represent. Great post!

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