First Day of Kindergarten!

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I’m not sure if I’m having a harder time with the fact that it’s the middle of July and our summer vacation is over, or the very idea that my kids are in kindergarten (!!!), but this has been a fairly crazy week up in this already crazy house.

We moved to a new district where the kids go to school year round, and our track just started the school year this week. So, while most of the Mommy Bloggers around the internets are posting pictures of their kids at the pool, you’re going to see pictures of MY little ones wearing backpacks and carrying lunchboxes!

They were SO proud to start school, too – and although we’ve had some tearful, overwhelming moments, it’s been an exciting week. Quite a change, moving to a new school from where they did Pre-K, meeting new teachers and friends, and going to school aaaaaall day, especially!

It’s been a little hard for me, getting my head around the fact that these kids are growing up at warp speed. We just got out of diapers five minutes ago, and now we’re in real school!

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5 thoughts on “First Day of Kindergarten!”

  1. Oh they look precious! What a momentous occasion. For all our parental anxiety about how they’ll do, in what type of class situation they’ll be placed, etc.; that loss of “babydom” acknowledgment is the toughest issue to confront. :)

    Your two will do great…and you will, too!

  2. It is always so hard to watch them make that first step out of Babydom. The year I gave birth to the twins, my next youngest started kindergarten and I was a MESS. (the hormones may have helped a bit too. LOL)
    Your kids look just adorable! Congrats on this HUGE milestone!

  3. I cried when my twins started kindergarten. I’m just a sap that way I guess. It’s a huge milestone.

    Now I suppose you’re at home alone eating bon bons and watching Oprah all day, right? HAHAHAHA.

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