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By now all of you have have probably won a Chicco Twin Trevi stroller—the giveaways have been fast and furious around the ‘Net, and as usual, I’m bringing up the rear. These days my motto is “A day late and a dollar short.” Such is life as the single mom of two-year-old twins.


The good news is that the corollary of my motto is “Better late than never.” And so, with that in mind, who wants to win a free Free FREE Chicco Twin Trevi? (See the end of the post for a pic and details.) The lovely folks at Chicco have one that they will send to you, no strings attached, no nothin’ required. In fact, the only thing that they require is that I come up with some kind of contest to decide who among you is the most deserving of such a luxury.
And now we have a problem. Actually, we have two problems. The first is that I am lazy and am daunted by coming up with an idea for a contest. The second is that I don’t like to pick favorites. I spent a childhood being the last one picked for dodgeball and fretting over whether or not I would get any Valentines in my mailbox. I’m uncomfortable deeming one person more worthy than the next. I want all of us to be winners. Frankly, anyone who has use for a double stroller deserves a free one! Alas, I have only one stroller to give. What’s a twin mom to do? 
Here’s how it’s going to go down. Leave a comment. Feel free to tell a funny story, but don’t forget to include the birthdays (day and month) of the two kiddos you plan to lug around in this Cadillac of Strollers. The kid with the birthday closest to that of my little darlings will be the winner. If your babes aren’t born yet, leave your due date. And you don’t have to be a twin parent to enter. Maybe you have a toddler and a new one on the way, for example. Works for me.
See? I’m lazy, and numbers don’t lie. In the case of a tie, um, I’ll figure something out. You have until midnight on Friday (July 18th) to leave your comment and birthdays. The winner will be notified over the weekend.
I shouldn’t need to say this, but this is the United States of American and we love to Cover Our Asses. Please, people, be honest. Some of you may know Maddie and Riley’s birthday. I’m trusting you not to rig this gig. And along those lines, if you’ve already won a stroller, please don’t enter. Let someone else have a shot.
Here’s the scoop on the Twin Trevi. Full disclosure: I have not used a Trevi. In fact, I have never seen one live and in person. But it sure sounds nice! All of the info below is taken from the Chicco website.
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame weighs only 23 lbs!
  • Multi-position, individually adjustable seats & leg supports
  • All-wheel suspension and front swivel wheels with locks
  • Individually adjustable canopies, large storage baskets, and parent cupholder
  • Five-point safety harnesses with thickly padded shoulder straps
  • Compact, one-hand activated, umbrella style folding
  • Automatic storage latch and carry handle
  • For use from Birth up to 40 lbs in each seat
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176 thoughts on “Get your free double stroller here!”

  1. i just found out last week that i am having twins after a finally successful IVF (and finally good news to share!!) but am freaking out! would appreciate any advice on anything and everything!

  2. I am a reader of your blog and I know my boys birthdays are not close to your kiddos…but would love to win anyway.

    My boys are 7 mths old – born December 4, 2007.

    Here is a funny story:
    When I told my then 2 yr old daughter she was having 2 brothers (which she had informed me of already before the ultrasound), she told me I had to name them Harriet and Hanna. She understood they were boys but still insisted that is what we should name them. Needless to say I came up with some different names for them but she still thinks that her names were better!

  3. Hello-

    Our twins, Astrid and Mitchell, would love a shot at a nice new srtoller. They were born on June 14, 2008. They are still on the new end, so my brain cannot process a story worth making public, but the blog is great!


  4. Yeah Snickollet! Yeah HDYDI moms! Yeah free twin stuff!

    As the proud owner and user of FOUR double strollers (between my and my mom’s house), I can’t in good conscious enter the contest. No need, maybe next time.

    But I’d love to hear when everybody’s birthdays are. More winter twins? Summer babies? My two were born Feb. 2nd. 2 on 2-2!

  5. How cool! My twins were born 4/28/07. So, we are not that close to yours (I’m here via your blog) but maybe we will get lucky! Thank you for the chance!

  6. hmm.

    Not at all sure that I qualify for this, but here goes!

    The stroller would be for my friend who will be the proud Mom of twins as of October 14th. They have no names as of yet, but they will be joining a not even two year old brother, and a couple of her friends have been trying to figure out a way to get her a stroller.

    So since they are unborn, I will stick with the birthday of October 14th.


  7. Ok, mine aren’t born yet…so I’m guessing on their birth dates. Right now we’re just really hopeful to hit 36 weeks, so 9/8/08 (which just so happens to be Labor Day…huh.)

    We’ve spent so much on new baby stuff we could definitely use a free stroller, so hopefully I’m close, but I suspect I’m not.

  8. I would love it!!!

    My twin girls, Ashlyn & Adyson were born on 11/20/06. My current side-by-side stroller is used and not the best at all. My girls LOVE going in the stroller so a new one would be just awesome!

  9. My twins turned 3 on May 20 and we mustered through their first few years with a cheapo Kolcraft double umbrella, having extreme stroller envy over those with nicer rides! Well, el cheapo finally collapsed a couple of weeks ago and, at this age, I can’t justify spending good $$ on another stroller, so I have forced my dearies to walk everywhere (or whine until I carry them). A freebie stroller is just what we need to make it through the next year and I promise to hand it down to another twin momma when I am done!

  10. I would love a double stroller! My kids are 2 girls Alison born 12/23/05 and Grace born 3/25/08. I am listening to Grace “cry it out” even as I type this, so it would certainly brighten up my day.

  11. well I have two sets of twins so I’m doubling my chances but since I’ve been checking out your blog Snickollet for a few months, I know neither are that close to your kiddo’s birthday. Anyway my first set were born at 33weeks on July 22 2005 (5.5lb and 4.4lb) and the second set were born at 39.5weeks on March 6, 2008(8.5lb and 8.9lb). and if the size of those don’t freak you all out, imagine that all 4 of these wonderful spontaneous twins are BOYS!

  12. I have a 1 year old girl, she just turned 1 on 6/27 and we are expecting another 8/13. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet =) We could sure use a double stroller!

  13. I’m a new Grandma … Baby Zola was born May 28.

    My daughter is in grad school finishing her teaching credential, and her husband is in real estate – not exactly the best line of work these days. We bought them a used baby jogger, but I know a new one – and a double! – would be more than welcome. Maybe I can be the lucky gramma for them.

  14. I have one kiddo at the moment. His birthday is 4/25/08. I have a niece on the way. Her due date is 11/12/08. If I won this stroller, I’d give it to the grandparents for when they do double babysitting duty. And probably reclaim it when we have our second, hopefully in the spring of 2010. If I don’t qualify, that’s cool. I don’t mind.

    Cute story? This has nothing to do with a stroller . . . or twins. But I’ll tell it. So, our corgi Virgil loves our baby Jack. And when Jack was about 2 weeks old, I lay him on the Boppy pillow in my lap to prep for nursing him. I leaned to my right and put my glass down on the table next to the armchair we were in, and when I turned back, I saw that Virgil had put his front paws on my knees to give the baby a kiss. And the hungry baby had turned his head looking for nums. And he found the dog’s nose. And he was sucking on it. Augh. Good thing germs don’t freak me out.

  15. Hah hah, lurker coming out of the woodwork hoping for a free stroller! We could really use this, because my duo is very close to outgrowing their infant car seats, which means we will soon be retiring our beloved Double Snap and Go. She was a good steed and served us well. My twin boys’ birthday is November 9!

  16. Awesome! We are just about to grow out of our snap&go. I’m so lucky my ladies are small for their age so we’ve gotten great use out of it, but it’s time to move on and up :) Cuba and Cora made their grand entrance September 16th 2007. I also have a just turned 3 year old June 4th 2005 and a Almost 5 year old-August 31, 2003. Maybe the wealth of birthdays will help me in this :) What a great idea, awesome way to share!

  17. I know I won’t win; my kids are Feb. 17, 2005 and April 11, 2007 but I wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. From reading your blog, I know you lost your husband the day my daughter was born. And that you live in the area where we used to live. And that you are incredibly brave, wise and reflective on your parenting.
    I am a twin and love hearing about the ups and downs of raising them. It has made created more gratitude for my own mother who had an 18 month old when my sister and I were born.
    It looks like a really groovy stroller so have fun giving it away.
    And best of luck as you navigate the parenting journey.

  18. Beautiful! I have been reading your blog for almost 6 months. I actually found this site from your blog when you started commenting on Tuesdays.
    I have 17 month g/b twins, Alexandra(Lexi) & Tristan born on February 12, 2007.
    Thank you.

  19. My twin boys were just born on June 19th. We’re using a Graco Duoglider right now and can’t wait until they’re a little bigger and we can use something more user friendly!

  20. If I can enter for some friends, they have a 2 year old that they adopted, and a one year old that they found out they were pregnant for 3 months after they got the adopted baby (after trying for many many years!! They are practically twins

    Emma’s bday is June 11th 2005 and Sophies is the end of april 2006

  21. Perfect timing! We have the DuoGlider and the one in front is always getting picked on by whomever is in the back. We are in desperate need of a side-by-side lightweight stroller. Delaney & Emma were born on July 19, 2006. Thank you!

  22. I have 4 1/2 month old fraternal twin boys, Ben and Abe, who were born February 26th, 2008. I have been lugging them around in their carseats everywhere we go reasoning with myself that we don’t need an expensive stroller just quite yet. Well in my furry to load them up after a lunch date the other day, I accidentally starting loading them up in the WRONG car. It was practically identical to mine and parked just a few spaces away. Apparently in my sleep deprevated state I didn’t notice when I opened the door that their was only one carseat base and a bunch of toys for an older child.

  23. okay so our twins have their own bdays one is Oct 29 and the other is Oct 30, we also have 4 others, June 2, August 4, August 7 and Nov 5. Maybe one of those will bring us close to yours. Would Love to have a side by side.


  24. Well.. i know your kiddos bdays and i know that my current toddler doesn’t come close.. Dec. 19. If I time things right, I may be able to have one at the right time next year.. ya think? oh.. and my stepfather’s birthday is june 21.. does that count?

    rock on, my popular friend. i’d pick you first for dodgeball any day…

  25. Hello! I have 2.5 year old twins (Jan 28, 2006), a 4.5 year old (Dec 3, 2003) and I am planning on a fourth arrival on Dec 26,2008! I have a double stroller, but I guess I am going to need another bc I am the crazy lady who will have four kids 5 and under! Any help I can get will be ever so appreciated! Thanks!!!

  26. I have 3 kiddos who could be riding (sometimes the baby goes in the front carrier, sometimes the 3 yr old walks, the 2 yr old always has to ride! 😉 – does that count?

    Their birthdays are:
    October 20, 2004
    April 30, 2006
    April 25, 2008

  27. I’m hoping to scoop this up for a friend who is mom to one little one, with one on the way: Her eldest was born December 28th and baby boy is due November 25th (- just had to call her and confirm the due date!)
    Not that this is a factor in your contest, but she’s a sweetheart who deserves a treat: she has a friend who’s mom to triplet 21-month-old boys, this mom has been sick, sick, sick for the past three days and my preggie mom friend volunteered herself on round-the-clock triplet duty to help her sick friend through – she’s a sweetie:)

  28. I come via your blog, which I love.

    We don’t have twins but after 10 years of infertility, 4 IUI’s and 3 IVF’s, we’ve been blessed with a boy 7/24/01 and a girl 1/3/07. Interestingly enough, we’ve recently discovered that a surprise baby is on the way. The due date is 1/25/09. Never thought I’d have a need for a double stroller, but it looks like God has a sense of humor.

  29. I have a 3-year-old born 4/15 and a 1-year-old born 6/26. Our current double stroller is a behemoth that wouldn’t fit in our trunk even if I could lift it there, so this sounds awesome!

    (If it ends up being a tie between me and a twin mom, though, give it to the twin mom! I have a hard enough time with a 2-year age difference so my hat is completely off to moms of multiples.)

  30. I would love to have a side by side, too! My boys were born 4/23/08. I have a singleton also, born 7/31. Oh, and for fun’s sake, I’m turning 30 on 7/25. Whoa…..


  31. How fun! I am having twin girls– Reese and Riley–our first kiddos. Their due date is November 12. After struggling with infertility for so long, we CAN’T WAIT for these girls to get here! Everywhere I go, I find myself asking myself, “Will a double stroller fit in here?” I’d love to have your side by side… I already have a list of great stores and restaurants that will accommodate that stroller… :)

  32. Oh, boy! I might stand a shot at this. My daughter Charlotte was born the day after your twins: June 23, 2006. I’m due with baby #2 around about January 11, 2009. I would LOVE to win a double stroller as I am about to start a Ph.D. program, and will be poor as a church mouse (a library mouse?) for the next five years.

  33. I am a faithful reader of both HDYDI and snickollet!!! God bless you. (haha the whole athiest comment announcer guy thing………) I am not very funny sorry.
    My cuties were born March 13, 2008. Now I need to go back and figure out M and R’s bday….. not good with dates anymore. mushy mommy brain!!!

  34. Wow this is awesome!!! My twin girls were born June 16 and my son on Oct.26. I really hope there b-days will give me some luck so i can win this stroller!!! If i don’t win, I would like to say, thank you for helping out a mom!!!!

  35. uh, as of September, I’ll 4 kids under the age of 3.5 so I’m not exactly sure which two I’d put in the stroller and which two would go in the beat up ol’ jessie of a stroller we already have… but rest assured, it would definitely get lots of use!
    the boy(4/12) the twins (11/16) and the new babe (due 9/26)

  36. My fraternal twin girls were born October 17, 2007. I think a double stroller that would fit in the truck of my Saturn Ion without having to take the wheels off would be a fantastic thing!!

  37. Love reading this blog and learning about life with twins. Our identical twin girls were born 6/21/2008 and we will happily have both girls home this Thursday after nearly 3 weeks (baby b – libby) and 4 weeks (baby a – maddy) in the nicu.

  38. My twins were born 4/24/08 and I have a son who just turned 2 on July 12! My funny story is that when I went to get my babies up from their naps last week, my little girl (3 mos old) had wiggled right up next to her brother… And spit up all over his head. Yuck.

    My sis-in-law has a 2 yr old (born 11/8/05) and has a second due on september 14 this year.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!

    My twin girls were born May 6th (this year).

    I also have 3 other kiddos. Do they count??? : ) March 20th (my 2 girls 7 years apart) and may 17th (my son).

  40. The twins were born 6/21, but were due on 6/14.

    Big sis (who will somtimes ride in the stroller) was born 3/14. Big bro (who wouldn’t be caught dead in) it was born 9/2.


  41. I’m not sure if I can enter for someone else but a dear friend of mine just had twins via in-vitro with a surrogate. Long story, but she almost died giving birth to her 3-year-old son, who is my youngest son’s very ‘best friend in the whole wide world’, so they used a surrogate for what turned out to be twins. When she called me to tell me the babies had been born, I turned to my son and said, “J* now has a baby brother AND a baby sister”. To which he replied, “Oh, just 2 babies? K* has 4 babies”. The mom of another boy in his class had quads in December and I guess now he thinks having that many babies at once is routine. Yikes!

    Anyway, her twins were born June 20, 2008 at 37 weeks and went home 3 days later.

    *Didn’t want to use actual names to maintain their privacy.

  42. We’re the proud parents of twin girls born May 27th and after 6 longs weeks in the NICU we brought them home last week. While in the NICU we received excellent practice caring for our little ones – feeding, bathing, etc. The first morning after we brought them home, they were changed, fed and sleeping so sweetly side by side as I held them and marveled at our sweet baby girls. I was waiting for the next cute facial and I thought it was coming…….but instead Olivia turned towards her sister, Sofia (aww – they already like eachother), and spit up all over Sofia, herself and eventually me. I don’t even remember feeding her that much. My mom was standing nearby asking what I needed or what she could do to help and all I could say was “I don’t know…….they didn’t do this in the NICU…..”. Ha! And so it begins!!

  43. What a fun contest! My oldest daughter just turned two (June 21st, 2006) and my twin girls are coming July 30th. Are either of those close?

  44. Hi! I’m the proud Mama of b/g twins Kyle and Lauren, who were born 6/26/2007. Lauren was the baby with the-colic-that-would-never-end, while her twin brother was the most angelic newborn creature who ever has existed in the history of humankind. And then when they were 6 months old, Lauren found her sense of humor and a way to sleep through the night, while Kyle began being tormented by…we still don’t know what.

    Now they are one. Woo hoo! I spend half my paycheck (LMAO–I am a SAHM, I don’t get a paycheck) on covering up these grey hairs, and the other half on exams, bloodwork, and copays on poor Kyle, who mysteriously suffers some kind of demineralization of bone and at age 1 does not sit up, roll over, or push up from his tummy.

    But we LOVE malling, and therefore need a great stroller for it! So I unabashadly beg for your attention, if my babes are in a tie with anyone else’s. :)

  45. Okay, after having read all these responses, my vote (as if it matters) goes to Amy with the two sets of twins, all boys.

    Bless her. Bless her. BLESS HER. Maybe not with a stroller, since I know you have rules you have to follow. But glory be for goodness sakes, the universe needs to bless that woman (with more than just the fact that she surely has 4 lovely boys).

  46. One gorgeous baby girl born 11/5/07 and one on the way! This girl is the first baby born to two only children. Me, a child of immigrant parents, and my husband, the whitest white boy on the planet. She’s so fantastic that we can’t wait to have the next!

  47. HI! My first sweet daughter was born on October 11 and my second sweet daughter was born on April 17. We hope we will this great stroller cuz we will look so cool walking around the neighborhood and all the other Mom’s and tots will wisper that they wish they were that cool as we stroll on… Thanks! Maggie

  48. Our daughter was born June 16… and her 2 year old brother immediately asked to hold her, promptly announced “EYES” and then poked her in the eye.
    So those are my two that need to be pushed around Brooklyn in a lovely new Chicco double stroller

  49. My mono/di girls have a 40-week due date of September 29th. I’m having pre-term labor complications though, so right now we are focused on reaching 32 weeks on August 5th.

  50. Riley & Grayson were born on 7/7/07 – lucky birthdate, so we’ll see if seems to bring them luck in life with this contest!

  51. I can’t really think of any fun or wacky stories right now…just finished 2 hours of homework and am tired. But I thankfully remember my kids’ birthday! My BG twins were born 11/25/06 and we have another one on the way due 1/21/09.

    How awesome to see so many double stroller give aways!

  52. Okay I have to try and win this one. Diapers and formula for 2 are killing me and not to mention my older 2 boys who are super busy with activities. I could really use this to tote the new babies Mikey & Lily in so here are my dates:
    Chase June 11, 2002
    Carter December 16, 2003
    Lily & Mikey May 16, 2008

    So here is my funny story. I came home from the hospital with both twins 5 days after a c-section my mom was keeping both of my boys so I walked in to greet my boys and my youngest Carter said ” Mommy why is your tummy still FAT?! I thought they took those babies out?” LOL
    Laura Rucker

  53. My twins will be 1 on Dec. 4th! My toddler will be 3 on March 30! Any combination of the three will be carted in the double stroller!

  54. I have 2 boys…a 2 year old and a 3 year old. The stroller looks awesome! The double stroller that we currently use is a front/back kind…and nobody wants to sit in the back! So a side/side would solve my problem :-)

    Sorry…no time for a long story right now. I’ve got one yelling “mommy…come here” (in that long drawn out 2 year old yelling kind of a voice) from his crib. And laundry to get going since the 3 year old is potty training and pooped his pants right before bed. Ah…the life of a mom, huh?

    Snick…I love your blog. You’re doing a great job. oh, and birthdays:
    April 28, 2005 and
    June 2, 2006 (yes…that’s 13 months apart…haha!)

  55. We have an almost two year old: 8/8/06
    a one year old: 6/8/07
    and twins due 1/20/09
    Talk about needing a double stroller! (Or a double double stroller even?)

  56. My twins, Matthew and Sarah, were born on May 1st. They are rockin’ the Snap-n-go right now, but are looking forward to something more grown-up! Pick us! Pick us!

  57. Lily and Josephine were born on September 19th, 2007. Our plea for this fabulous stroller is that our snap-n-go will soon be obsolete and our other double stroller doesn’t fit in our car so we’re going to be in a real bind!! The Combi would be perfect!

    I’d have to hope it goes to some twins no matter what! This is a blog for Twin parents afterall, isn’t it!

  58. My two rowdy twin girls are due sept 22nd, but they’ll never make it that far! i’d be lying if i had any clue as to when they’ll actually be here. any day now…..
    thanks for the opportuniity!!!!

  59. thought I would enter my friend who has a little one and a newborn. their birthdays are june 23 and march 16
    Thanks again

  60. Here are the birthdates of my “almost” twins.

    Declan February 12, 2008

    Cassie February 23, 2008

    Yep – 11 days apart. :)

    11 days before I delivered our daughter we received a wonderul but unexpected call about a newborn boy we had been picked to adopt.

    (and there are many more odd pieces of this story, these 2 kids will have quite a baby book to read and pass down)

  61. Maybe Chicco doesn’t ship to Malaysia but let’s not stop my Chinese/Indian kids, Anya (27 Nov 2005) and Milan (2 Oct 2007) from trying for a new set of wheels. I do know the twins’ birthday so we’re definitely way off (in more than one sense!).

    In Sanskrit, Anya means “inexhaustible” and Milan means “union”. In Mandarin Chinese, the characters we write for Anya mean peace and grace, for Milan, they mean peace and wisdom. So far, Anya is living up to her name. Waiting to see what happens with Milan.

    Take care!

  62. My son’s birthday is October 4, 2007, and my due date with #2 is November 24, 2008. Aiming for a Thanksgiving baby :)

  63. I have 3 boys! The twins are turing 2 next week: 7/23. My other’s son’s birthday is 10/20.

    I was on bed rest in the hospital for 2 months due to preterm labor and very shortened cervix. Every week I would have an ultrasound (I know pretty lucky with that part). Each time we went in, my mom would ask the doctor, “Did one change to a girl yet?” Of course, she is in love with her boys now!

    I do not have a double stroller, and wow would it be useful with these toddlers.

  64. Hi! My twins boys are 9 months old and their birthday is October 9. I also have a daughter who will be 3 on August 1st.

    I can’t think of anything funny at the moment but I can tell you it has been an interesting month. The boys are sitting up on their own, crawling and are cutting their second tooth. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. My momo girls were born May 21, 2007 at 32 weeks and a few days. Lily and Eve were in the hospital for 52 and 42 days and we compiled a HUGE set of hospital bills, so we’ve been stuck with our tandem double stroller and HATE it! Really, really do. They think it is the best thing in the world when the twin in the back gets to tug on her sister’s hair. Or the one in front tries to twist around like a kid-possessed to see her sister and then screams because it’s uncomfortable.

    This would be awesomeeeeeee. Especially since we can’t afford to buy one! And I can barely pick up the old one or fit it in my car’s trunk!


  66. Hi I love this website and after email it’s the first thing I check in the morning while daughter #1 is still sleeping. Sons 2 and 3 will be here before I know it. My oldest daughters b-day is 9/18/06 and the twins due date is 10/11 so we’ll see. I love the blog name 3undertwo…i’m hoping that doesn’t become us, but it could be a very real possibility. I love the chico travel system that i used with my oldest. A double stroller like that woud be just what we need when the boys transition out of the snap n go!!

  67. My due date is December 14th, though my dr expects me to want my b/g twins out before Thanksgiving. The way I’ve been feeling this week, I’m sure he is right.

    My funny story: I had been asked if my 21mo DS had noticed my growing belly yet. I said I didn’t think he was old enough to notice that kind of thing. A few days later I was standing next to him and did not have a shirt on. He looked up at me, I think to say something, and did a double-take. He did it again a minute later, like he was making sure Mommy had really gotten that big. Thinking about the look on his face still makes me laugh.

  68. My twin girls were born Aug 15, 2007. I am looking for a double stroller as they have almost outgrown their car seats and the click n go. I am looking for something that my 3 year old could fit in also if he wants to. This sounds perfect!

  69. My son, William, turned 3 on June 23 and my dauther, Chloe, will be 1 on November 17. I could really use a good double stroller!!

  70. I have two little turkeys, ages 2 (born 3/19/06) and 10 months (born 9/10/07). I need a double stroller to keep tabs on 2 little boys who both want to run in opposite directions. The older is delayed in his gross motor skills and the younger is advanced…makes me feel like they are twins!

  71. We have twins that are almost a year old and in great need of a stroller since we have outgrown the double snap and go!

    August 27th was a lucky day for us last year, let’s see how it does this year!

  72. I don’t have twins, but I could use a double stroller w/ a 2.5 y/o and a 2 mo.

    Lucas-March 12, 2006

    Brooke-April 4, 2008

  73. I have a daughter whos turning 2 tomorrow its hard to believe two years go by so fast and Im expecting a little boy in five weeks(Due Date 8/20/08)or so.

    great giveaway!

  74. My daughter is 19 months old, born December 11, and my son is due October 27 or November 3 of this year, depending on who you believe.

    I’d love to have a stroller for them!

  75. My son was Nov. 11, 2005. He’s a teeny Guatemalan coming in at 26 lbs!
    And, while I don’t have another child yet, (infertility sucks big ones), I do tote my neice often and her birthday is September 15, 2006.

  76. My twin boys were born May 25, 2006. They are getting too big for the In-line Duo Glide we have been using for the last year and a half. The one in the back has no legroom so he displays his displeasure by constantly kicking his brother in the back! To which he responds by turning around and screaming at him and smacking him on top of the head!

  77. My two are 17 months apart — Janey 6/21/06, Elliott 11/25/07. And he’s about to grow out of the “bucket” carseat. So a double stroller would ROCK.

  78. My twin boys were born April 27, 2008 and have a big sister whose birthday is January 4, 2005. We are using the Snap N Go now and would loooove to have another stroller for when they get a little bigger!

  79. What a fun idea! I have a toddler (6/28/06) and a baby (5/8/08) and could sure use a double stroller!

    Also, thanks for doing the contest in such a “fair” way! I was also picked last for gym and understand completely!

  80. I have boy/girl twins born July 26th and another son born April 7th. This stroller would be a wonderful blessing; good luck to all the moms.

  81. I don’t have kids yet, we are desperately waiting for our wedding in December and then starting to try in January. (I am 30 and he is 35 – hopefully we are good to go, if not infertility treatment here we come – along with more expenses)

    However, we are surrounded by babies right now, which makes waiting all that much harder. Cousin number 1 had a baby boy in November, Cousin number 2 had difficulty conceiving for years so they now have boy/girl twins that were born in June. Cousin number 3 had a baby boy in end of June. So 4 babies in one small town that all are related. (I have such cute pictures from this weekend) It is so adorable.

    Then my best friend is due in November, my fiances best friend is due with boy/girl twins in November and my sister is due right before our wedding in December. This is just our close circle of friends. Count them – 8 babies in one year!

    Then another cousin just had a baby girl last week and my other cousin is due in August with a boy.

    We just met with the reception hall on Saturday and had to tell them that we need a lot of high chairs (the ones that flip over) to hold all these babies. So the basics are that we would keep this stroller for our house so that when we have visitors, which is often, we can tell them to leave their stroller at home. I also have been joking with our friends/family that when we register for our wedding we will be registering for baby things since we have none, have a lot of babies surrounding us and we need baby items (hopefully for ourselves too) before we need anything for our house/us.

  82. Based on Pam’s comment I’m guessing I’m not going to be close either. My babies are due Dec 24th (according to my OB) or Dec 29th (according to my charting). Who knows if those dates will be anywhere close to when they make their appearance and they have been measuring big. My big ultrasound is tomorrow so maybe they will adjust my due date again. I just hope they aren’t crossing their legs =D.

  83. My second set of twins were born October 25, 2006, six days shy of sharing their birthday with my first set of twins, which were born on Halloween 1998. We have a busy October! Thanks for offering this contest – we’d put the stroller to good use!

  84. So on the above post number 111 – here are all the birthdays…Just re-read your requirements.

    Baby boy Nathaniel November 6, 2007
    Boy/Girl twins Owen/Emerson- June 3, 2008
    Baby boy Asher – June 22, 2008
    Baby Ann Marie – July 12, 2008

    Baby boy Donovan – due August 6
    Boy/Girl twins unnamed – due November 4th but will probably go in October
    Best friends baby boy – due November 20th
    Sisters baby – due December 14th

    Our wedding December 29th!

  85. Daughter born October, 2006 and one soon. Also, babysit nieces born 2006 and 2008. This stroller has been on my wish list.

  86. My sweet twins Robert and Nicole were born 5/22/07. As infants they used the double snap and go with their infant carseats. We have never graduated to the twin stroller since I found out I was pregnant again and will have my third baby 7/27/08, so we skipped right to a triple stroller bought on ebay. I call it “the beast”. It would be nice to have a (new) double stroller for when I just have the older two kids out, especially while recovering from the impending c section!

  87. I have twin boys, Jack and Jordi born on September 27th at 9:35 and 10:45. Jordi was an emergency c-section (hence the long time in between)…

    We have a stroller that won’t fit in and out of our appartment door! It’s so hard to go anywhere. I have to first distract the boys with something good, then fold the stroller and bring it into the the hallway, then come in and get each child individually….I need a better system.

    Crossing my fingers.


  88. My twins were born 3-17-06. I have boy girl twins too. My Judah is a lot like your Riley. He’s very sensitive and passionate and the best cuddler. Harper rules the roost and loves to tell him what to do, her first words were no no Judah. Our twinkies, as they are affectionately called in our home, are our numbers 8&9 with baby Solomon rounding out # 10. Ages 12years to 5 months. I would love to have a new umbrella stroller. Life is so much easier when they are strapped in a stroller when we go out and about.

  89. We’re expecting Baby #2 on March 5 and would love to have a great double stroller to carry the newest member of the family and Big Sister Savannah (born May 1, 2007).
    Savannah is already working on being a good big sister… she pats my belly and says baby… or maybe it’s booby (because as a former breast fed baby, she still likes to pat those too).

  90. My kids are February 10, 2005 and May 10, 2007. My daughter introduces everyone to her little bro Moses by saying, “This is my Mosey brother. Yep, he;s my cute little boy.”

  91. You might think your timing is late, but it is actually perfect: my E-bay-purchased tandem Carters stroller decided on Saturday to bottom out, break, and rip while we were in the middle of a mega-long stroll/dash in our nearby urban jungle. It apparently was protesting total cargo weight: the overloaded basket (cooler/diaper bag/beach bag) probably had about 25 pounds in it, and my kids, 3-year-old daughter born 05/05/05 (Heaven help us when she celebrates her 21st birthday on Cinco de Mayo!) and 1-year old son (born 6/25/07) added nearly 50 pounds to its frame. All it took was one rough bump over an uneven sidewalk to bring an abrupt halt to our nearly 5-mile stroll. We’ve applied duct tape as a temporary fix, but we have to admit our Beloved Blue is on its last legs. Sure hope my cherubs’ dates align with yours!

  92. My twins Liliana & Evan were born 1/30/08. We are using the double snap & go but they are getting too heavy for me to
    lift so we are in need of a new stroller.

  93. Hi,

    Thanks for the opportunity! I just got home from a 100 degree day as a first time, heavily pregnant woman–two little girls due Sept 7th-ish!! Doing all I can to keep them healthy until then. Of course I’m overwhelmed, excited, worried–all of it!! We would LOVE a double stroller as we’re still trying to figure out how to pay for everything necessary for multiples. We’re just so happy to have made it to this point. So my (sort of) funny story is just a bump in the road: I’ve been saving two girls names since I was a kid, my favorites and haven’t told anyone. Well, Angelina Jolie just hijacked my name–Vivienne. I”m sure I’ll come up with something fitting, but after I got over the shock I laughed a bit as she is famous for stealing husbands…..and now baby names can be added to the list!!

  94. What timing! My husband just said this morning that we need a new stroller.

    I have two boys – a two-year old born March 1 and a 6 month old born January 10.

    Funny quote from my two-year old:
    I am very mad
    I am very mad…
    Hi Ho the dairy-o
    I’m very very mad

  95. I don’t think either of my dates are close to the twins – but one is 10/7/06 and the other is due 3/5/09 (we haven’t told anyone else about the new one yet!).

  96. C’s birthday is 12/9
    T’s birthday is 5/6

    We’re days away from being licensed foster parents, this stroller would make my life SO much easier. I won’t know what our foster daughter’s birthdays will be until they arrive.

    Maybe we could use a couple significant dates from our foster/adoption journey?

    3/17 finished pride training
    6/10 homestudy completed

  97. Or we could just use my birthday… which happens to be the same day as the twins. That would be close enough!

    Kelly (mamallama)

  98. Can I enter for my best friend Lori? She’s like a sister to me… Her twins Angelica and Trevor were born on February 12, 2008. I’m biased but they’re gorgeous and I adore them. She’d be thrilled if she won. Thanks so much for running this contest. Love your blog.

  99. My twins are due December 2nd (though I am betting that they come in November). They are both girls (not identical) and we are naming them Evelynn and Lennon. =)

  100. Hey Snick..
    I know Riley and Maddie’s birthday but decided to play along anyway.

    Twins Tate and Reese
    Born 2/19/07
    Preemies – Tate weighed 1.14 and Reese 1.08
    Miracle babies for sure!

    Thanks for the great free stroller giveaway!

  101. Ok, twenty minutes later after I have finished scrolling down I can finally leave a comment!! : )

    Our boy/girl twins, Carson & Abigail (aka linebacker & pretty) were born on October 15th, 2007.

    Love the strollers, cross your fingers for me? And the other 100+ comments left on here!

    When I was pregnant, our oldest son Chad, who is almost 5 was asked from everyone if he wanted a brother or a sister and one time he replied “I want an uncle!”

  102. I have 3 daughters, the big sister was born 11-18-04 and my “babies” are already over a year old, their bday is 6-8-07!

  103. My husband and I have 3 boys
    J bear 20 June 2003
    H squish 31 Dec 05
    Baby H 22 June 2008
    I love you blog and have been reading for over a year. Although I don’t have twins with the boys being between the ages I find your adventures amuzing and entertaining. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. The idea of a double stroller is such a luxury to us. But would be so widely used I can’t even express.

  104. New babies Quincy and Eleanor arrived June 19th, 2008! Looking forward to getting them in a stroller for walks with the dog, taking big brother to the park, navigating the airport on trips to see grandparents, and shopping with mom. Oh the places we’d go!

  105. Our ID girls were born 5/15/07. We would love a new stroller–but is there any way to put a plexiglass shield between them so they stop picking on each other?????

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I know I won’t win (I know when your twins were born) but my son was born Aug 2 and my next baby has an estimated delivery date of Mar 25 (although my son came three weeks early, so I’m thinking Mar 6 or 9 for the new baby).

    We sure could use a free double stroller, though … but we can wait another year. 😉

  107. My hubby and I are young hes going to be 28 and Im 26. We have 6yr twin boys birthdays’ in March 8th, a singleton boy who birthday is April 26th and we just found out that were expecting twins yet again on Feb 14 2009.
    When I called hubby from the dr’s office the heard the phone drop and the guys at his job yelling and ask him if he was ok. He had fainted. My poor man..
    He’s just hoping that they are boys so that at least we can reuse the clothing and toys over and over.
    So for us this is really needed we transitioned from twin things to a singleton and here we go again. LOLOL
    Thank you for your time.

  108. hi! twin boys born 7/24/07 :) I don’t think our b-day date is close to your two but thought we’d enter anyway :) Do we get extra points for it being so close to our first b-day?? LOL Jen

  109. My girls birthdays are 7/24/05 and 3/22/07. I could SO use this for our disney trip as double strollers at Disney are now $30 A DAY!!!

  110. Our twins are due on 1/5/09, and our other two boys’ birthdays are 4/25/05 and 3/5/07. Yes, that means we’ll have four tots age three and under. Insanity! Needless to say, we’d love a double stroller. :)

  111. I have a daughter born 11/17/05 and another born 6/27/07. The little one’s big sis reeeeeeeeally wanted 2 babies. Every time she sees someone who is pregnant she asks “Two in there?”. :)

  112. I love your blog! My twins were born 6.22.07- kind of close to yours! I can’t believe I’m #155 in this contest, but it can’t hurt to try- we could really, really use this stroller, as ours just CRACKED when it fell (empty, thank goodness!) down our front steps.

  113. I read your blog all the time and know that Corey and Brady are no where near yours. 2/21/08… but wanted to say hello!!! We would love a new stroller:)

  114. I’m the mom that yelled out in the grocery store this past weekend “for the love, I just need to get some milk, please stop kicking your sister and pulling her hair for 10 seconds and Lilly, couldn’t you amuse them with something!?!” Oh yes, I got some nice looks for that one!

    I have a back to front stroller and have quickly realized since Amanda and Zoe turned two on 6/5/06, I desparately need a side to side stroller to end the bully in the backseat!!! Big sister Lilly and mom would also appreciate it as the bully scares us too! :)

  115. Ooh, how I would love that stroller!!! I have a front-to-back double (Graco Quattro Tour Duo) but no side by side – and I’d just love one for walks around the neighborhood, trips around town, etc.

    My identical twin girls, Anna and Margaret, just turned 1! Their birth date is June 29.

    Funny story…hmmm….life is continually funny with twins. The latest thing they’ve been doing is giving each other zerberts on their tummies and laughing hysterically – and it’s SO fun to watch!

    Thanks for including me in the contest!

  116. We have two babies already and another on the way. We thought having “Irish Twins” (two children born within 12/18 mos. of one another) would be fun, but we never thought about having 3 babies in three years! Here we are :-) btw… I was nursing the younger one AND on the pill when we got pregnant with #3! Anyway, we would love a double stroller. I have been using a baby carrier with the younger one and a single stroller with the toddler. The new “baby-belly” is getting in the way of my carrier now though. ha ha

    BIRTHDATES: October 28, 2006
    November 14, 2007
    January 25, 2009 (due date)

  117. My girls are 26 months apart–born 9/22/05 and 11/12/07. Sibling rivalry has already begun with the oldest having a renewed interest in the baby’s toys but the incapacity to share her own. Sigh! I guess it will be like this for the next 18 years or so!

  118. We’re ready to move on from our double snap and go and would LOVE to win the stroller! Thanks for running the contest – I just slipped in before the deadline!

    Identical twin girls born Nov. 9, 2007 :)

  119. i’ll enter even though I have a stroller I like. If I win, I’ll pass it along to a friend who’s twins are due sometime in december (i think)

    anyway, my girls’ birthday is 6/21/07



  120. My girls just turned TWO (woah!) yesterday, July 17. They were born at 27 weeks, so their b-day is a big one for us. Happily, they are both doing GREAT. We’d love a lighter stroller for when we’re on the go. Thanks for a great blog and the chance to win!
    Danielle, mom to Emily and Olivia

  121. With a 2-month-old who obviously can not walk yet and a 3-year-old who will only walk by himself for all of….oh….5 seconds….this stroller is deperately, desperately needed. Although carrying a hefty 3-year-old while trying to push my newborn in the stroller is a great workout for my arms, I am ready to move on to something less labor intensive!

    My son’s birthday is 7/1 and my daughter’s is 5/13.

  122. I have 3 month old twin boys.. born 4/17/08 and they have a big sister who turns 5 tomorrow– 7/19/03.

    If I win, I’ll be rotating the kids in the double stroller, since I like to wear one of the twins. Also, my daughter is quite a complainer and is jealous of the twins’ stroller– it’s a snap n go, so there’s no place for her to sit.

    Thanks for the contest!

  123. Hmmm, today’s funniest story:
    I have joined a paddling team and so now my husband has our twin 14 month old girls on his own from 6-8 pm Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Well, he has been wheeling them down in their bright yellow jogging stroller down to the playground, and on the way stopping by his pal’s house to chat. His friend Tom has now started to go along to the playground with him. I thought nothing of it until he started telling me about all the doubletakes he is getting from the neighbors of these two big burly guys wheeling these two little girls down the street together!
    Alayna and Mylie – May 4, 2007

  124. Of course I am always a day late and dollar short…. mom of 2 yr old twin boys myself, with a husband who is gone all but 4-5 days a month… finally catching up on the blogs, and here I am …. waiting to see a winner… my boys are Aug 20, 2006, not that it really matters, however, it remind I have to plan a bday party… *ugh*

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